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   Chapter 1138 Heavenly Thunder Halberd

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The cyan dragon's warning brought puzzlement to Zen's face. He asked warily, "What's wrong? What happened?"

"The language that the Ghost Beast spoke belongs to the dragon race," the cyan dragon explained hurriedly.

"The language of the Genuine Dragon?" Zen knew that the Genuine Dragon race had their own language. But when he had entered the Genuine Dragon World last time, he hadn't found it difficult to communicate with the Dragon Lineage Human. So it hadn't occurred to him that the Genuine Dragon race could have a language that was unique to them.

"That's right. The Ghost Beast is summoning other beasts from the Spirit Beast Area. If you don't leave now, I'm afraid you won't be able to leave later!" The cyan dragon warned.

When the cyan dragon had finished speaking, Zen turned to find that the Ghost Beast was being struck by lightning over and over again. His face hardened with determination as he said to Randy and the others, "Let's go! Everyone, let's leave this place! Quick!"

Randy became curious when he heard Zen urging them to leave. Zen hadn't been in a hurry just moments ago. So why had he suddenly become so anxious?

"Hurry up and leave! That Ghost Beast is summoning other Ghost Beasts," Zen urged.

Randy was still apprehensive but when he saw the seriousness etched across Zen's face, he didn't ask any more questions and made to leave. But just as he was about to leave with the rest, he turned around and saw Bram, the crown prince of the Harlan Divine Kingdom.

Bram had led Gregory, Edwin and the other members of his group to gather around the Ghost Beast. It looked like they also wanted to get some Ghost Beads from the Ghost Beast.

Although there was a huge conflict between Randy and Bram, in the end, they were half-brothers, and both were wary of that fact. This made Randy say a few words to Bram through his life vitality.

Bram glanced at Randy in surprise and frowned, but he still seemed to believe what Randy was saying. He then made to leave along with his group.

But just as Bram and his men turned to leave, he heard the Ghost Beast let out a deafening roar that reverberated across the sky.

"It's dying! Everyone, come on!" Fredric shouted excitedly.

"No matter how many Ghost Beads we get, all those who have attacked the beast can share them equally!"

"You mean they can be divided equally among us? Are you dreaming? The one who is most powerful obviously gets more Ghost Beads!"

But the expected didn't happen. The lightning didn't kill the Ghost Beast. Instead, it fell to the ground after a series of roars. At the same time, the weeds within a radius of several hundred feet sud

ve a collective sigh of relief.

Everyone maintained a certain speed as they advanced through the grass of the Spirit Beast Area. Fiona piped up, "Can we enter the secret land after passing through the Spirit Beast Area?"

Randy nodded and said, "Theoretically speaking, yes. After we pass through the Spirit Beast Area, we will arrive at the center of the island. We can find the entrance to the Feather Emperor Secret Land there."

They did not encounter any trouble in the later part of their journey and passed through the Spirit Beast Area easily. Soon after, a magnificent sight welcomed everyone's eyes.

Lines formed from all sorts of jades and lights outlined a world that looked like paradise. Every pavilion glowed colorfully. Usually, if a place was rich in color, it would look vulgar, at least to a certain extent. But this? This wielded a power that made everyone feel comfortable as they gazed at the perfect color matching.

"It's so beautiful!" Fiona was the first to rush in as she took in this scene. Her eyes flickered with emotion. Their journey had caused everyone to tense up, but beholding this beautiful scene caused them to relax.

Zen slowly walked up and carefully observed the buildings in front of him. The buildings of the Dragon Lineage Human were quite exquisite, and the materials used to build them were mixed with luminous sand of various colors.

The luminous sand absorbed the sunlight during the day and could reflect different kinds of lights at night. The sand still looked dazzling even after thousands of years.

"Here is the entrance." It was not the first time that Randy had been to this place. He was already used to the scenery. He gestured to everyone and led them to the entrance of the Feather Emperor Secret Land.

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