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   Chapter 1137 Spirit Beast Area

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Everyone needed to have a good understanding of the situation in the Feather Holy Sea before they entered it. The divine-level talent had just asked a stupid question by naively thinking that there would be no dangers in the next area.

All four divine kingdoms had been exploring the Feather Holy Sea for many years, but they still hadn't completely understood it. The biggest hindrance was the many dangers in it.

However, compared to the Heavenly Stellar Secret Land, the Feather Emperor Secret Land, Mysterious Dream Secret Land and Divine Emperor Secret Land were much easier to explore. Thus, every year the four divine kingdoms explored Feather Holy Sea. They would leave the other three secret lands for their younger generation to explore.

The powerful masters at Soul Sea Realm and Life and Death Realm wouldn't sit idle once the Feather Holy Sea was opened. They would find a way to enter the most troublesome and most dangerous secret land—the Heavenly Stellar Secret Land!

Randy said, "The Dragon Lineage Human once used the blood sacrifice to spread the curse, and many of the spirit beasts that were reared in this Spirit Beast Area also suffered the same fate. However, the ghosts of these spirit beasts were still floating in the middle of the area, so everyone must be more careful when entering the Spirit Beast Area."

Actually, he had already sensed that something was amiss in the Slow Arrow Area. Based on this, he had estimated that the Spirit Beast Area would be more dangerous than before. Even if he was wrong, there was no harm in being extra cautious.

Everyone nodded and continued to advance forward.

The Slow Arrow Area was in the chaotic jungle, while the Spirit Beast Area was in a pitch-black grassland. The weeds in the soil were constantly squirming like bugs.

"Everyone, try to walk at a brisk pace. Don't stop!" commanded Randy as he looked at the wriggling weeds.

"Why?" It seemed Renzo hadn't learned his lesson. He stepped into the grassland before fully understanding Randy's instructions. The moment he stepped on the grass, the weeds started to wriggle violently, knotting together and forming an obstacle. The weeds were trying to trip Renzo.

"Is this what Lord Randy is referring to?" Renzo said with a look of disdain. These small weeds actually wanted to trip him — a warrior at the Virtual Tribulation Realm? Warriors at the Virtual Tribulation Realm were capable of splitting mountains. These were merely some weeds; he ignored them as they were insignificant to him…

Renzo stomped on the knots, smashing them to pieces.

However he never expected the w

. Purple, blue and white colored bolts of thunder struck the ghost's body one after another.

They could obtain many Ghost Beads from the body of the Ghost Beast. The Ghost Bead could strengthen the soul and was highly valued even in the Divine Kingdom Continent. How could they give up merely because Fiona asked them to stop?

"Crack, crack…" The lightning boomed loudly, producing deafening sounds!

Seeing this, Renzo looked at Randy gloomily. "This Spirit Beast Area isn't as terrifying as you made it sound," he remarked.

They had suffered a lot in the Slow Arrow Area and almost lost their lives, so when they entered the Spirit Beast Area, everyone's hearts tightened as they recalled Randy's words. But now this ghost, who was being bullied by the martial artists, was completely at a disadvantage, and seemed to be incapable of fighting back.

Randy smiled helplessly. "The last time we passed through the Slow Arrow Area, it was very easy and smooth, but we had encountered a lot of trouble in the Spirit Beast Area. This time, however, it's the opposite!" he explained.

Seeing that Fiona was still very unhappy about the ghost being bullied like that, Callan said, "Fiona, you can't stop them. Let's proceed!"

While Callan was urging Fiona to leave, Renzo, Barry and the several others were reluctant to go, especially Barry, who practiced a particular kind of spirit-related cultivation technique. The Ghost Beads would benefit him a lot. So for a moment, he was in two minds.

Suddenly the cyan dragon's panicked voice rang in Zen's mind.

Although the soul of the cyan dragon was a bit dim, he hadn't fallen into deep sleep like Lavender's soul. The cyan dragon said, "Zen! Run! Leave the Spirit Beast Area quickly!"

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