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   Chapter 1136 Getting Rid Of The Poison

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Randy and Camilla were also quite shocked. Although they had every confidence in Zen and knew that he would be able to deal with everything fittingly, they still couldn't figure out how he was able to resist the Dragon Arsenic.

Perhaps the Soul Sea Realm masters could block the arrows which flew at such a slow speed, but at the same time, they were also unwilling to be tainted with the Dragon Arsenic. Other than being a secret poison produced by the Dragon Lineage Human, it was also lethally potent. Until now, there were no antidotes or formulas found in the four great divine kingdoms.

How did he make it?

But at this moment, a sudden scream reverberated in the air. From the sound of it, it was not far from where they were. Soon surprise engulfed them as they realized that there were more and more arrows coming from both sides, so it was getting harder and harder to dodge!

Taking in the chaotic sight, Zen didn't have time to explain anything to them, so he decided to urge everyone to rush out of the Slow Arrow Area first.

"Get out of the way!"

he roared. His body was tainted with the Dragon Arsenic, and yet he was still sprinting forward, which startled everyone.

Visibly, the poison continuously spread over his body. By then, he looked like a blue-colored sculpture. Who would dare touch him?

The people in front of him all moved aside immediately, making way for him to rush through as they heard him roar some commands.

"Look at the Dragon Arsenic spreading in his body! Could it be that the poison affected him already?"

"Damn it. It's as though he's gone insane. This guy is really crazy!"

"At the very least, he is willing to go all out like this, push the rock and sacrifice his life for everyone else..."

Those divine-level talents speculated among themselves as they keenly observed Zen. The Dragon Arsenic was lethal, so why was he still alive and kicking? Nothing gave them an inkling as they guessed that perhaps he might have a secret skill to extend his life for a short time. Once his breath dissipated, he had to die.

"Bang! Bang! Bang!"

Oblivious to Zen, several warriors who were working together with him in pushing the magnetic stone were wary of him. They cautiously dodged him as he continued hitting the magnetic stone.

At Zen's full strength, the magnetic stone inched forward until it finally gave way with a loud thud!

A row of black walls which adorned the edge of the Slow Arrow Area appeared for everyone to see. Within these walls, there were round holes arranged according to the rules. And from these holes, arrows kept shooting out non-stop.

Soon they realized that there were already three walls in the Slow Arrow Area seeming to cage them in as arrows continued to assault towards them from the front, left and right sides. Only the direction where all they moved in did not have such a wall. "Bang!

Bang! Boom!"

At this point, Zen quickly kicked the magnetic stone with such an impact that it was

t worth, a supreme life vitality crystal was nothing special for him, let alone these princes and princesses of the divine kingdoms.

But he was just surprised that the shape of this supreme life vitality crystal was extremely exquisite after being sculpted.

After watching closely Zen's strange expression as he received the peach-like life vitality crystal, Fiona smiled and continued, "It was carved by me when I had nothing to do. Not bad, right?"


Zen gently crushed the life vitality crystal and began to absorb the pure life vitality within it. He then nodded and agreed, "Not bad. Not bad indeed..."

The warriors of the Divine Kingdom Continent normally led easier and more comfortable lives compared to those in the Central Region. However, the warriors of the Central Region all lived more leisurely than those who dwelled in the Sea God Continent.

Consequently, warriors from both the Sea God Continent and the Central Region did not get to spend time on their hobbies. They only focused on their cultivation all the time.

"Alright, let's continue to move forward!" Randy uttered at this moment.

Now that Callan, Fiona, and their team members stayed behind, Randy was well aware that they intended to form a new team. They all considered and took Zen as their leader. Fiona might look naive, but her strength might be more powerful than his. Thus in his eyes, it was also a good thing to form a new team.

"After we pass by the Slow Arrow Area, we will now be heading to the Spirit Beast Area. However, because of the blood sacrifice, all the spirit beasts there have been killed," Randy spoke.

The blood sacrifice of the Dragon Lineage Human pertained to the sacrifice of the life of the entire clan. In theory, there were no living beings left in the four great secret lands.

"Doesn't that mean there's no more danger?" a divine-level talent, who followed Callan, curiously probed.

Randy just let out a small smile and replied, "What do you think?"

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