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   Chapter 1135 Saving Fiona

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The arrows were fast, sharp and extremely dangerous considering that both stick and head contained the deadly Dragon Arsenic. One hit was all it would take to kill an ordinary martial artist.

It was lucky that this group of warriors consisted of divine-level talents who knew how to dodge and possessed varied, unique skills to keep themselves alive. Despite having been surrounded by arrows on all sides, only a few perished under the attack.

However, Fiona had not been so lucky given that she had been forced into a corner with nowhere left to run.

Fiona was the princess of the Wind Divine Kingdom and her status was even higher than that of any ordinary crown prince. Any warrior would normally be happy to come to her aid since rescuing someone like her meant gaining favor from the Wind Divine Kingdom.

However, the situation at that moment was dire. No one dared to risk their lives against the onslaught of the Dragon Arsenic arrows. Aside from containing deadly poison, these arrows were not ordinary projectile weapons. Instead of stopping or slowing down once they hit something, the arrows would greatly increase their speed to kill their targets faster.

"Fiona!" Callan shouted in desperation once he realized Fiona's position. The two of them enjoyed a relatively safe spot at the front of the line earlier but now, Fiona had found herself in an extremely dangerous situation with arrows cornering her in all directions.

Fiona herself felt hopeless. Her eyes darted around, trying to find a way to get through this predicament.

Thinking fast, her jade bracelet vibrated violently and a mysterious wave of Law Power emanated from her. Maybe she could use the Time Law to stop the arrows!

But it didn't. These arrows had already been infused with Time Law that was even stronger than Fiona's. Even after using her powers, the arrows still continued their approach without changing a beat in their speed.

When two warriors used Time Law at the same time, the stronger law would completely overpower the weaker one which was what happened with Fiona. Instead of stopping the arrows, the effect of her Time Law was redirected to the warriors around her instead, slowing down their speed.

Realizing what had happened, Fiona quickly withdrew the Time Law in panic. She nearly killed the warriors near her when she unintentionally slowed down their movements so it was understandable that some of them had let out a few curses directed at her.

Fiona was now left with no more options. Time Law did not work so she did not dare use any other martial skills on the arrows.

danger's way.

At the same time, the two sharp arrows pierced through Zen's hands but immediately flew away and vanished without a trace.

Zen's hands were comparable to a sacred weapon but the arrows were so strong that they were able to pierce through them. One could imagine how formidable the power contained within these arrows in the Slow Arrow Area...

Fiona could only stare at Zen in a daze. Yes, she was now safe but her savior was now doomed!

Blood flowed heavily from Zen's hands while the blue Dragon Arsenic spread rapidly through his bloodstream. In a matter of seconds, the poison had made its way from his wrists to the other parts of his body.

"Stop daydreaming! That guy's now dead for sure! We have to push the stone ourselves!"

"Thad can't help us now! Let's all push the stone quickly! Everyone, be careful! Don't touch him or you'll be poisoned too!"

The other warriors knew they couldn't rely on Zen's monstrous strength now, not when he was doomed to die by the poison. They now had to push the magnetic stone themselves, otherwise, they would all die.

Five to six figures rushed forward and began to violently bombard the magnetic stone with their combined strength.

The combined efforts of these several divine-level talents had some effect but their strength could only move the magnetic stone a foot at most - significantly less than the distance Zen had managed by pushing it on his own.

While the others were busy trying to push the stone, Callan, Fiona, Randy, and Camilla remained with their gazes fixed at Zen.

'The poison has spread throughout his body but… why is his body not corroding?' Both Fiona and Callan asked the same question inside their heads at the same time.

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