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   Chapter 1134 Pushing The Magnetic Stone

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At this moment, everyone was convinced that Callan did have something to help them pass through the area. The magnetic stone was virtually useless, save for its incredible toughness. Even a mighty Soul Sea Realm warrior wouldn't be able to break it.

The princes were all taken aback by this discovery. Why in the world would Callan carry such a useless and heavy object with him?

Callan sneered at their speechless faces, "Do you believe me now?"

His sister also had a smile on her kind face. "Follow us if you want to pass through the Slow Arrow Area," Fiona said.

Fredric smiled helplessly, "Fine, you win. You already amazed me by carrying such a heavy thing with you."

Callan nodded happily at his words. Using his life vitality, Callan took a deep breath and lifted the magnetic stone. It was as tall as two people combined and it was so heavy that even Callan's sturdy body felt strained carrying it.

Fiona noticed how red her brother's face had gone so she reached out with a hand and let out a turbulent force from her jade bracelet. The little help was all Callan needed to ease the strain and continue on with carrying the magnetic stone.

With the siblings' combined efforts, they were able to carry the magnetic stone and lead the way.

The other warriors closely followed behind with Fiona and Callan at the helm. This could be their only chance to enter the Feather Emperor Secret Land and they were not going to let this opportunity pass.

Randy nudged Zen's side with a smile, "Come on! Let's also follow!"

Zen rolled his eyes but humored the lord with a nod.

A long line formed behind the magnetic stone which acted as a shield against the densely packed wall of arrows that were now on their way to them.

The magnetic stone was impenetrable and impossibly hard but there were still a few whose stomachs lurched at the sight of the approaching arrow wall. If the magnetic stone wasn't able to block the arrows, then they would be in trouble…


They couldn't really see what was happening beyond their magnetic stone shield but they could hear the clear clinking sound of the first arrow bouncing off it.

More and more sounds rang out.

"Clank! Clank! Clank! Clank! Clank!"

It went on for a while until Callan's and Fiona's faces turned scarlet from all the effort of carrying the stone. It was apparent that they wouldn't be able to hold out for much longer.

"These arrows are powerful! Help!" Callan shouted.

The arrows were not flying at their original speed. They were slowed down but only because of the Time Law.

However, the arrows were still at full strength upon hitting the magnetic stone. Even Fiona was finding it difficult to withstand the onslaught despite she had utilized the power of the semi-divine weapon, a jade bracelet o

ackluster attempt. There was nothing they could do but merely follow behind those warriors who were stronger than them.

'This guy's strength is amazing. No wonder he could injure a Soul Sea Realm warrior, ' they all thought.

At the moment, however, Zen could care less about what they thought. There was a crisis to be addressed and he continuously pushed the stone forward, keeping their party safe from the arrows.

"Coming! They are coming!"

someone screamed out. The arrows were quickly closing in on them and they had to move fast.

"Hurry up!"

"There are so many people! We can't move forward!"

Despite Zen's display of monstrous strength, he was only one man and his efforts were still not enough.

The warriors could not allow themselves to die there. Many of them constantly dodged the arrows through various leaps, rolls, and somersaults. In such a critical moment, no one had time to care about their manners. Everyone moved wildly in their desperation to survive.

However, the arrows were relentless and there were still those who got hit.


The miserable screams began to ring throughout the vicinity as the arrows embedded themselves into the warriors' bodies, rotting their flesh rapidly.

"We're almost there! Hold on!" Fiona's face was flushed red and she was sweating. It was so much for her first time joining the Feather Holy Sea exploration. At first, she had been so happy when her father finally let her join. His overprotective nature had always gotten in the way of her pursuit of adventure.

But now, after seeing the scene in front of her, she understood why her father had been so adamant with keeping her out of the exploration. The Feather Holy Sea was indeed filled with dangers.

Just as she had shouted these words, four arrows came flying towards her from both sides. There was almost no room to dodge.

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