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   Chapter 1133 The Magnetic Stone

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Behind Fredric, arrows covered the sky and earth, coming straight for all.

A sort of blue light shown on each of the arrows—under the night sky, the scene was beautiful, like thousands of stars shooting across the sky. But everyone was well aware that this beauty stemmed from the most lethal poison.

"What? How do we get past this?" Renzo's voice trembled.

Before this moment, they had only seen hundreds of sharp arrows lined up on one side—it wasn't too difficult to get through the wall of arrows.

But now, there seemed to be hundreds of thousands of arrows before them. If the previous wall of arrows was an ordinary wall, this one in front of them was like the wall of a grand city.

Randy's eyes flashed in urgency as he called out, "Let's go around the arrows!"

"It's no use." Fredric shook his head before pointing to a beautiful lady beside him. "We've tried it. We've explored the width of this arrow wall and it seems to cover the entire Slow Arrow Area!"

As they carefully discussed countermeasures, they began retreating as far as they could.

As everyone moved back, more and more warriors began to gather, including the crown prince of the Star Field Divine Kingdom, Bram, Gregory, and the others. All of them joined in the retreat.

"How strange! I've never seen so many arrows anytime I passed through the Slow Arrow Area before."

"Is there something bad happening this year?"

"For now, let's focus on avoiding this wave of arrows. We can move on after this disappears!"

With more and more warriors gathered, the entire crowd began calling out.

At this moment, Camilla suggested, "Let's head into the sea and disembark from the other side. Would that be a good idea?"

The minute she finished speaking, everyone looked at her as if she were an idiot, leaving her rather embarrassed as her face flushed red. Randy then broke the silence. "I forgot to tell you all. This is the only path to the Feather Emperor Secret Land. There is no other path for us to take," he explained.

As a result, dozens of teams and hundreds of divine-level talents were forced to retreat completely. After everyone left the Slow Arrow Area, the arrows began to dissipate one after another.

"Again!" Gritting his teeth, Fredric continued to lead his team forward with gusto.

Warriors who entered the Feather Holy Sea were supposed to be the most powerful, heroic, young elites of the divine kingdoms. How could they have been defeated by such a minor setback?

Once again, everyone followed Fredric and stepped into the Slow Arrow Area.

With a frown, Randy sai

r taunting. It was clear that they didn't buy Callan's words.

At this moment, Callan lightly tapped on a ring hanging from his chest. Following a flash of light, a huge boulder suddenly appeared before him.

A dark green luster covered the surface of the stone, but it was mixed. Warriors could only sense the power of the Earth Law Power in ordinary stones, but certain special stones contained other Law Power, such as Thunder Energy Stone, containing the Thunder Law Power. Several different kinds of Law Power could be felt from the stone Callan just summoned.

To be exact, there were five kinds of Law Power in the stone—the power of Metal Law, Wood Law, Water Law, Fire Law, and Earth Law.

This kind of stone was not new to Zen. Before the Martial Arts Contest even began, when Zen had taken the pre-qualifying test, the World Commercial Alliance had used the exact same kind of stone—the magnetic stone.

It was said that this stone had been excavated from the Magnetic Sacred Mountain at the bottom of the Chaotic Ocean of Stars. Although there was only a small piece of it in the World Commercial Alliance, Callan had taken out such a large piece of it.

Seeing the magnetic stone, everyone was rendered speechless.

Its origin was recognized by all—the problem was that the magnetic stone itself was extremely difficult to extract. Even a Soul Sea Realm master would have to expend a great deal of energy to extract one from the Magnetic Sacred Mountain.

In the end, it was useless. Although it had gathered within it the power of the five elements, this power was extremely complex. Warriors couldn't comprehend any Law Power from the stone. The stone itself couldn't be used to refine pills or weapons.

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