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   Chapter 1132 Dragon Arsenic

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An arrow was usually a symbol of speed. They were projectile weapons designed to be as fast as lightning, but the arrows coming towards them were the exact opposite.

"These arrows seem to be bound by the Time Law. That's why they're so slow!" Camilla observed.

Renzo couldn't help but laugh when he saw the oncoming arrows. "They're even slower than half of my walking speed. How could they ever hit anyone?"

But Randy was quick to dismiss his humor. "Don't underestimate these arrows. They contain Dragon Arsenic. It's a type of poison that can kill even a Soul Sea Realm warrior. Many Life and Death Realm warriors have died because of these arrows."

Renzo scoffed, not really believing what Randy had said. "The poison on these arrows may be powerful, but you can't expect me to believe that a Life and Death Realm warrior has died because of the arrows.

They're so slow that even an old man could easily dodge them. How can they ever kill a Life and Death Realm warrior?"

Randy shook his head at Renzo's dismissal. "These arrows are all defensive measures left behind by the Dragon Lineage Human. I'm just telling you this because it's better to be safe than sorry. You'll see soon enough why we should be on guard."

The seriousness in Randy's voice clearly emphasized the danger of these arrows. Renzo was still skeptical but chose to remain cautious. It was indeed better to be safe than sorry.

The five of them continued on towards the forest with Randy taking the lead.

There weren't a lot of arrows at first, so they could easily ignore them while they went on their way.

The arrows came from the front and everyone just needed to carefully dodge them. It wasn't hard considering that the arrows were incredibly slow.

However, they soon realized the truth in Randy's words when he told them they had to be careful. It wasn't the speed they should've been concerned with, but the rapid increase in volume of the arrows the further they ventured inside the forest.

In the beginning, three to five arrows flew towards them, which were easily avoidable.

However, that number quickly bumped up to twenty, and the arrows now came from all directions.

Sometimes the arrows would line up in a row and completely seal off a path ahead, which meant everyone would have to fly over or crawl their way through the obstacle.

It wasn't extremely back-breaking, but the suppression from the blood sacrifice did make it quite difficult for them to fly. It was good that they were skilled Virtual Tribulation Realm warriors and could still keep

ing that one would not forget easily.

The group could only look in horror as the warrior's body hissed and fizzled until nothing was left of him.

Randy had warned them that the Dragon Arsenic was an extremely potent poison, but none of them could've ever prepared themselves for such a scene. Even Camilla's face was noticeably paler.

There was apparent fear in their eyes once they realized the gravity of their situation. Their group had witnessed firsthand just how deadly these arrows could be, but they knew they had to push on. All of them had already been aware of the possibility of death the moment they chose to explore the Feather Holy Sea. They just needed to be more careful if they wanted to survive.

"Let's go," Zen said, before turning to Randy. "I'll walk in front this time."

According to convention, Randy should be the one to lead the group, but since it was Zen, he had no problems with the arrangement. The young man had time and again proven himself to be a trustworthy partner.

With Zen in front, the group avoided the wall of arrows fearlessly. However, just as they were about to leave, a few figures suddenly appeared in front of them.

"Fredric!" Randy frowned slightly at the arrival of the team led by the crown prince of York Divine Kingdom. They shouldn't be here. According to his estimates, Fredric's group should've already passed through the Slow Arrow Area since they were at the very front. Did they come back?

"There's no way out!" Fredric declared coldly once he saw them.

"What? What do you mean?"

Randy had come to this island before and knew that this was definitely the right path.

"See for yourself!"

Fredric pointed to the back helplessly.

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