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   Chapter 1131 The Slow Arrows

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The scattered warriors all continued to head towards the Feather Holy Sea.

The Feather Holy Sea was like a huge mine for them. After a sacrificial ceremony, the blood sacrifice power would get pushed to a lower level, but this would only last for around five days.

After that, the blood sacrifice power would gush out from the depths of the Feather Holy Sea and cover the sea once again. Then even the Soul Sea Realm masters would find it difficult to take a single step forward.

As the group slowed down, Zen, who was also following Randy, slowed down, and started descending slowly.

However, several figures were shooting at them from the shore. The person in the lead was surrounded by lightning.

Randy glanced back at the figure and said, "That is the crown prince of the York Divine Kingdom, Fredric Liu."

In the previous match, Fredric Liu did not fight with anyone.

The royal family wouldn't usually participate in this sort of a battle, but since Fiona had already joined the fight, many princes of the divine kingdoms wanted to challenge and fight Zen.

However, after Zen had fought with the little monster, War Emperor York had personally fought with Zen, but he had vomited blood after being punched by Zen. Seeing this, the crown princes of the divine kingdoms had all given up on this idea.

If Zen was able to harm a Soul Sea Realm master, surely he must be very powerful and remarkable.

However, this did not mean that they accepted defeat. After so many years, countless brilliant talents had appeared in the four great divine kingdoms. Zen's strength might have surpassed them right now, but that did not mean they could not become more powerful than Zen in the future.

Moreover, the crown princes of the divine kingdoms were armed with semi-divine as well as divine weapons. They still looked down upon Zen.

"Whoosh, whoosh..."

Fredric Liu, the crown prince of the York Divine Kingdom had led six warriors and advanced rapidly. Although Zen and Randy set off first, they did not pursue speed. So after a while, Fredric Liu overtook them.

Fredric Liu glanced at Zen as he passed him by. He didn't pause even for a moment and continued flying forward.

"Fredric's hidden talent is also extremely powerful. I have not seen him fight for seven or eight years. According to my estimate his strength is not inferior to Fiona's," Randy warned Zen.

But Randy was confident that Zen could defeat Fredric Liu. After all, even the little monster was no match for Zen. Furthermore, he had withstood every single punch of War Emperor York. No matter how terrifying Fredric Liu's talent was, it would be difficult for him to fight Zen.

Zen acknowledged this with a sli

Just as she was about to fall, Zen arrived and reached out to support her.

"Thank you!" Camilla smiled sweetly. Zen glanced at her indifferently and nodded slightly.

It was extremely difficult for a Virtual Tribulation Realm warrior to fly on this island. Randy's life vitality flashed gently in his hand and suddenly shot towards the paper boat. It spun for a moment, then quickly shrunk to become pocket-sized and flew back into Randy's hand.

He looked at the forest on the island trying to orient himself. Then he commanded, "Let's go!"

At the same time, many warriors entered the forest.

Once entering the forest, Randy became extremely cautious. As he moved, he started to count in a low voice.

"Sweet little Randy, what are you counting?" Camilla asked with a puzzled expression.

Randy concentrated on counting, "Three hundred and thirty-six, three hundred and thirty-seven..."

Except for Randy, it was the first time that Zen, Renzo, Camilla, and Barry had explored the Feather Holy Sea. They were all perplexed by Randy's behavior.

"Three hundred and ninety...

Four hundred!"

He suddenly stopped and said to Camilla, "We have entered the Slow Arrow Area."

"Slow Arrow Area?" Camilla was thoroughly confused now.

Randy nodded as he replied, "Yes. That is an extremely slow arrow. Everyone, be careful."

Everyone was still baffled as to what exactly this Slow Arrow Area was.

However, the moment Randy took the lead, a series of sounds erupted. A row of numerous arrows appeared in front of them!

Every single arrow was flashing with a blue light. It was possible that they were highly toxic!

Toxic arrows were very common, but the weird thing about these was that their speed was very slow. They were slower than the walking speed of an ordinary person!

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