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   Chapter 1130 The Blood Sacrifice

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Although it was very easy for a warrior to die from a Heavenly Tribulation, many warriors managed to overcome it and had even cultivated further, effectively making themselves stronger.

If even the Heavenly Tribulation was unable to kill a powerful warrior, the world itself would make a way to make sure that the said warrior would be exiled from the world.

Of course, this was what was called "going to the Upper World."

However, it was a pity that there was a problem with this world's path to the Upper World. Even if the world wanted to kick a mighty warrior out of its premises, it wouldn't be able to.

The cyan dragon replied lightly, "Yes. With the resources in the Lower World, a warrior more powerful than Soul Sea Realm masters would not be able to appear in the Lower World."

"But that person's strength surpasses that of Soul Sea Realm warriors," Zen started, slightly hesitating. "How is it possible that he's here?"

"Well, Zen, the answer to that is very simple. He is not a person from this world. I am sure that he came from the Upper World," the cyan dragon explained.

"I see! That explains everything!" Zen said, his face lightening up, his heart even skipping a beat. Without wasting any time, he started searching the memory of the world's will for the origin of this white-browed Taoist priest.

"What?" he suddenly exclaimed, his face contorted due to surprise and frustration. "There's no information on this guy!" It was only then did he discover that the existence of this powerful priest was nowhere to be found in the memory of the world's will.

"That's very normal," the cyan dragon said, his voice soothing to calm Zen down. "While the world's will you got is in a state wherein you can know everything about the world, this priest came to this world through the Reverse Spirit Channel. He is not a life form that was born in this world. Because of that, I am sure that he paid a considerable price to come to this world," he concluded, trying to make Zen understand.

With that, Zen was successfully enlightened on the nature of the powerful being. However, something still wasn't sitting right with him. "But I was able to find the Soul Nurturing Wood. Tell me, why couldn't I find any information on this priest?"

"Well, the Soul Nurturing Wood is a dead item. If you don't believe me, you can check the Dark Nether Cave, Immortal Mist's celestial tomb, and the fairy palace in the Eastern Region. It's impossible to find the information on living things that don't belong to this world."

As he was still unconvinced, Zen did what the cyan dragon said. As he researched through the memory of the world's will, he was able to find out that the things presented to him by the cyan dragon were very correct. He was unable to search the Dark Nether Cave, the Tower of Sin, and the fairy palace in his memory, but he was able to find the celestial tomb.

Even without the cyan dragon's explanation, Zen could already guess the reason why he couldn't search these places. Even though Immortal Mist was also a warrior from the Upper World, he was born in this world and so Zen was able to find his existence in the memory of the world's w

hey were wrong.

They really didn't imagine that Zen would be that strong. Not only did he crush the strongest talents of the divine kingdoms, he also injured a Soul Sea Realm master—War Emperor York, who was even an elite among the Soul Sea Realm masters.

If they hadn't personally witnessed this scene, they wouldn't have dared to believe it.

With that, the gazes that Camilla and the others shot at Zen had completely changed. Especially Camilla—the only thing in her eyes at that very moment was a fervent worship!

Being able to form a team with Zen was an extremely fortunate thing. With him in tow, they sure would likely reap a great harvest from this trip.

Zen nodded his head. "Alright. When should we set off?"

"We can set off now," Randy said with a smile. "According to the rules, once you win against the warriors from the other three divine kingdoms, the warriors from the winning divine kingdom would be the first ones to enter the Feather Holy Sea. However, that is of no importance to us..."

As they were talking, Bram, the crown prince of Harlen Divine Kingdom, had already led several people flying high into the sky. They followed the West Dragon River upstream, entering the Feather Holy Sea.

"If that's the case, then let's go!" Zen said enthusiastically. The reason why he had joined the Jade Martial House and fought on behalf of Harlen Divine Kingdom was to enter the Feather Holy Sea. Finally, he would be able to step into it.

Soon enough, Zen, Randy, Camilla, and the others were flying into the sky, heading straight for the Feather Holy Sea.

Waves surged towards the shore of the Feather Holy Sea and the faint golden light still contained the power of blood sacrifice. The moment Zen entered the sea, he felt an omnipresent power wrap around him.

'Is this the power of blood sacrifice?' Zen thought as his eyes flashed.

Under the influence of the force of blood sacrifice, Zen's flying speed had greatly slowed. The speed of Randy and Camilla had slowed down even more than his.

As they continued forward, they felt an invisible hand pulling them into the sea.

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