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   Chapter 1129 The Light Column

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After Zen obtained the Soul Nurturing Wood, he quickly returned to the plaza. Even though he tried his best to keep calm, he still could not suppress the excitement on his face.

The numerous Soul Sea Realm masters who saw this were certain that Zen wanted to use the Soul Nurturing Wood to rescue someone's life, but they just had no idea who it was.

As for War Emperor York and Marine, they looked highly displeased. They truly didn't expect that the little monster they had sent out would fail to kill Zen. Aside from that, they were also fuming because Zen had been granted with incredible gifts. How could they cope with such a failure?

Although the cyan dragon confirmed that Lavender's soul could survive for a day or two, it was nothing but a probability and an estimate. That happening had the exact same chance as her soul immediately collapsing after a couple of hours!

Zen hurriedly asked the cyan dragon, "How do you use this Soul Nurturing Wood?"

But the moment he asked that, the shrill voice rang out again, and it said, "The fight is over. Now we will begin the sacrificial ceremony! Open the Feather Holy Sea!"

The moment they heard the voice, all of the divine-level talents turned their gazes towards the platform. The matches that had happened beforehand were only a way to test the strength of the warriors. What was really important was the exploration of the Feather Holy Sea!

Zen was not in the mood to pay attention to the sacrificial ceremony that was going to happen. For him, there was only one thing he needed to do before anything else—placing Lavender in the Soul Nurturing Wood.

If Lavender's soul had not fallen into a deep sleep, she could have entered the Soul Nurturing Wood all by herself. But because it was unconscious, the cyan dragon told Zen that he had to move her soul into the Soul Nurturing Wood instead.

Zen looked around and found a relatively quiet corner in the wide plaza. He sat down cross-legged and closed his eyes before immersing himself in his thoughts.

Inside his mind, he saw Lavender's soul still lying quietly, cracks appearing on its surface.

Zen flew over and hugged her, dragging her out from his mind.

Before he did, however, he turned around to look at the mysterious furnace. The light shining from the cyan dragon and the red dragon on top of it had also dimmed down by quite a bit.

Zen had paid a heavy price for his battle with the little monster, but the rewards he had reaped were great. First of all, after fusing with the world's will, Zen's soul had risen to a new level. More importantly, he could connect his body to the whole world.

With that, the attacks he would suffer could be offloaded to the great world!

Aside from that, there was still a tremendous amount of information that Zen had to fully explore.


According to the method taught to him by the cyan dragon, Zen placed the segment of the Soul Nurturing Wood between h

ave been thought of by the four divine kingdoms members. Presumably, they had also received help from the humans of the Upper World.

After five minutes, the Feather Holy Sea slowly calmed down and the light column also began to dim.

The surface of the Feather Holy Sea was still suffused with the faint golden light. However, compared to before, the color of the golden light was much, much lighter.

After the light column disappeared, a person was standing there. That person wore a steel gray robe, and both of his eyebrows were snow-white. He did not seem angry, but had a solemn aura. He was a Taoist priest with white eyebrows.

"Alright! The sacrificial ceremony is over. Everyone can get the dragon blood and enter the Feather Holy Sea!"

The Taoist priest exclaimed. He was the person behind the shrill voice!

As Zen looked at the Taoist priest, he seemed to notice him. After he casually glanced at Zen, he ordered the Soul Sea Realm masters of the four great divine kingdoms to give out the dragon blood.

'I can't figure out how strong he is, ' Zen thought. Suddenly, his heart began to race.

Even a Soul Sea Realm master would find it difficult not to let Zen figure out his cultivation level. This time, however, Zen was completely stumped as to what the Taoist priest's cultivation level was!

There was only one possibility. The Taoist priest was definitely not just at the Soul Sea Realm!

"Aren't only the Soul Sea Realm masters and those below this level allowed to exist in the Lower World?" Zen asked the cyan dragon in confusion.

Theoretically, even the Soul Sea Realm masters couldn't be tolerated by the great world. When Life and Death Realm warriors appeared in the world, the heavens would punish them with the life and death crisis—something that could also be called as the small Heavenly Tribulation.

Right after a warrior had reached the Soul Sea Realm, the heavens would bring down the large Heavenly Tribulation.

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