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   Chapter 1127 Conformity And Defiance Of Natural Laws

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The other emperors had originally intended to stop War Emperor York, but none of them expected Zen's counterattack could actually send him flying while bleeding out of his mouth.

In the previous battle, Zen had relied solely on his own strength to wreck Logan's space armor. It was known to everyone that Zen had the strength that was more powerful than that of ordinary martial artists. However, they didn't have it in prospect that his abilities could stretch out even further. His strength was impeccable.

Silence had reigned at the scene once again. How enormous was the difference between a warrior at the Virtual Tribulation Realm and a powerful master at the Soul Sea Realm? It was beyond imagination. A warrior at the Virtual Tribulation Realm had managed to scathe a powerful master at the Soul Sea Realm. It was quite hard to grasp.

Even the old freaks who had lived for tens of thousands of years had never heard of such a thing.

The higher one's cultivation was, the deeper insight one had regarding laws and strength, but it had made it more difficult for the cultivator to challenge warriors at higher levels.

For a nature creature to challenge a warrior at the Illuminating Soul Realm, it wasn't such a difficult task for many divine-level talents. If a warrior at the Virtual Tribulation Realm challenged a master at the Life and Death Realm, it was believed to be difficult. But for a master at the Life and Death Realm to challenge a mighty warrior at the Soul Sea Realm, it was something impossible.

However, the mighty warriors at the Soul Sea Realm present at the scene knew War Emperor York's strength all too well. He had been too careless and even underestimated his opponent's abilities. Because Zen was only at the middle stage of the Virtual Tribulation Realm, he didn't bother activating his life vitality to protect himself, nor had he employed the power of his domain.

If War Emperor York had opened up his domain and used it to his advantage, then Zen couldn't have been able to fight back. That was his biggest mistake.

It was pride most likely. A mighty warrior at the Soul Sea Realm who activated his domain just to deal with a warrior at the Virtual Tribulation Realm? If such a thing spread out, his reputation could be stained. It was to be considered ludicrous, a sign of weakness!

To add, War Emperor York was sent flying several hundred feet away. His eyes glinted with a strong intent to murder. If that gaze of his could kill, then Zen could've already died a thousand times.

The punch that Zen launched towards him was so strong that he started to bleed. Wiping the blood from the corner of his mouth with one hand, he felt humiliated. It was witnessed by so many people, including the divine-level talents and princes of the York Divine Kingdom.

"Although you're only at the Virtual Tribulation Realm, the strength that you have is enough to become my opponent," War Emperor York coldly said, the previous murderous expression on his face now replaced with a strong sense of fighting spirit.

As he reached the Soul Sea Realm, his warrior spirit had been thoroughly baptized through numerous battles. He knew the ropes of that life, as it wa

egan to give off a powerful aura.

Both Turner and Lucien were on the same level in regard to cultivation. They were all at the peak of the Soul Sea Realm. Due to their confinement to the Lower World, there was no way for them to cross that level. But in terms of power, Turner had lived for more than ten thousand years and was more than five thousand years older than Lucien.

As long as Turner hadn't yet entered the Five Aging Processes, Lucien couldn't just easily defeat him.

"Is this for real? The powerful warriors at the Soul Sea Realm are going to fight?"

"From the very moment I was born, I have never seen a battle between two mighty warriors of the Soul Sea Realm. Wouldn't the heavens and the earth be destroyed if all their powers are released for battle?"

"Idiot! If the Harlen Divine Kingdom really does fight against the York Divine Kingdom then it can provoke a war of the divine kingdoms. Everyone will suffer! Maybe one day you'll become nothing but cannon fodder!"

Seeing such a scene, many of the warriors at the Virtual Tribulation Realm wondered if the two powerful warriors of the Soul Sea Realm would really begin to fight. Were they to run away to avoid getting hurt?

Turner's response got rid of War Emperor York's aggression and arrogance altogether.

It was known that Turner was indeed a good-natured man. He didn't use his own strength to suppress others. However, in terms of strength, he was probably the strongest one among the four rulers present. His abilities were no less than those of the retired Soul Sea Realm masters who lived in seclusion.

With the knowledge of Turner's powerful strength and his firm stand on the matter, Lucien didn't intend on making a move anymore.

Coldly glancing at Lucien, Turner announced, "In that case, the warrior from our Harlen Divine Kingdom has won this battle!"

Lucien glared at Zen. He was extremely displeased about the outcome of their duel. He snorted coldly and walked up to the stairs.

Both War King Wind and Scott also took one last glance at Zen. War King Wind even gave him a kind smile as he returned to the stairs as well.

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