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   Chapter 1126 Spitting Blood

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Fiona's interruption made War Emperor York completely out of patience. His face darkened as he turned furiously to War King Wind and spat, "Discipline your daughter!"

But even War King Wind was clueless at what his daughter wanted to do.

Fiona's figure lightly floated towards the enchanted barrier. She landed just at the edge and promptly stretched out her left arm. The bracelet on her arm vibrated before sliding off her.

She lightly hooked her finger on the bracelet and held it out for Zen.

"I will lend this to you," she told him.

There was a collective gasp at Fiona's actions. Even Zen himself was caught off-guard.

The bracelet she was offering wasn't just a mere trinket. It was a semi-divine weapon. How could she just lend it to Zen so casually?

"This can greatly enhance your strength!" she said, urging Zen to accept her offer.

A smile appeared on Zen's face when he realized how serious the princess was. "Thank you for your good intentions, but I don't think I'll need it."

Fiona blinked innocently at his words. "What? Why won't you need it?"

This display of tenderness made War Emperor York irate and impatient. "Little girl," he said to Fiona. "This enchanted barrier wasn't made to withstand the power of my fist, so I suggest you stand far away from us, or you'll only end up getting hurt."

Hearing this, War King Wind couldn't idly sit by in the stands. He immediately rushed towards the enchanted barrier and pulled his daughter away from the chaos that was about to ensue within the arena.

War Emperor York was a Soul Sea Realm master, after all, and nobody knew if the enchanted barrier would hold up against his attacks. Those near the enchanted barrier were thrown into a mild panic.

If the enchanted barrier failed, they were dead meat. In an instant, all divine-level talents quickly retreated from the square and put a distance of around ten thousand feet between them and the enchanted barrier.

The Life and Death Realm warriors and Soul Sea Realm warriors, however, remained unbothered. Their strength was enough to withstand a punch from War Emperor York.

War Emperor York turned to Zen. "You brought this upon yourself, you brat. You only have yourself to blame for angering the York Divine Kingdom. Go to hell!" His fist flashed with purple light as he hurled a punch towards Zen.

In War Emperor York's mind, Zen was already a dead man.

All the warriors present thought the same thing. The power of a Soul Sea Realm master was no joke, and an

ent to display the full, hundred-percent extent of his power. The little monster had previously been under his control and he benefited a lot from him. However, since it turned out that Zen had inherited the little monster's ability, then the other Soul Sea Realm masters would be the ones to utilize it while War Emperor York would be left in the dust.

He had to kill Zen right here, right now. War Emperor York did not care whether or not Zen inherited the little monster's ability. All he thought about then was Zen's quick death at his hands.

"Lucien Liu! Stop that right now!" Turner shouted.

"Lucien Liu, let's investigate first. What if Thad Luo..." War King Wind followed.

Unfortunately, War Emperor York's attack was just too fast and his fist was already close to Zen's face.

Zen's expression darkened. "Do you actually think that a hundred percent of your power can take me down? You are going back on your word. How shameless!" he grumbled, forcing all the dragon scales in his body to activate.

With this activation of the dragon scales, Zen's strength wasn't that much weaker than War Emperor York's.

Moreover, he had the skill to transfer any attack dealt to him just like what he did earlier. Meanwhile, the force of Zen's dragon scales and the eruption of his forceful energy and life vitality were to be taken all at once by War Emperor York.

Zen's actions took War Emperor York aback especially now that the power that emanated from the young man was so terrifying.

When Zen's fist landed on him, it felt like taking on the force of an entire mountain. The punch sent War Emperor York flying and he spat out a lot of blood once he landed.

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