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   Chapter 1125 A Punch (Part Two)

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It was precisely because of these reasons that the other three rulers of the divine kingdoms had given way to War Emperor York on many matters. Even when it came to the distribution of the resources coming down from the Reverse Spirit Channel, the York Divine Kingdom would usually obtain far more amount than the other three! That was how the little monster was so useful to the York Divine Kingdom and its people. Now that the little monster had become a simpleton, he had suffered great losses! It was too big loss that he couldn't simply let Zen escape easily from his wrath.

"How? Why are you even asking a question with an obvious answer? Of course, you have to pay with

at world and his own body, which was a sacred weapon had given Zen some confidence, which was why he agreed so readily. He was relying on them right now.

A cold smile appeared on the face of War Emperor York, thinking that he could finally avenge his son's death and his loss of the little monster now. He had really begun to accumulate his life vitality. But at this moment, another voice suddenly rang out from the stairs, "Wait!"

Gasping their breaths, everyone was intently watching Zen's impending death. However, as a voice interrupted, everyone's attention was diverted to the origin of the voice. The one who spoke was actually the daughter of War King Wind, Fiona.

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