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   Chapter 1125 A Punch (Part Two)

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It was precisely because of these reasons that the other three rulers of the divine kingdoms had given way to War Emperor York on many matters. Even when it came to the distribution of the resources coming down from the Reverse Spirit Channel, the York Divine Kingdom would usually obtain far more amount than the other three! That was how the little monster was so useful to the York Divine Kingdom and its people. Now that the little monster had become a simpleton, he had suffered great losses! It was too big loss that he couldn't simply let Zen escape easily from his wrath.

"How? Why are you even asking a question with an obvious answer? Of course, you have to pay with your life, you foolish man! Now I will give you a chance. If you can take a punch from me, then I'll let you go! Hah, there's no way a mere human kid like you can do that, so prepare to die," he said, feeling insane. A sinister smile appeared on the face of War Emperor York. Right now, he was not in the right mind to take about anything else other than killing Zen.


Fiona, who was at the top of the stairs, suddenly covered her mouth with astonishment. This scene was too horrible to witness.

Let Zen take a punch from an almighty warrior at the Soul Sea Realm? That could not happen. Wasn't that equivalent to killing him? He would probably die at this rate. As Fiona thought of this, a trace of sadness reflected in her charming eyes. She admitted that she couldn't help but get worried about Zen's safety at the moment. She was aware of how powerful War Emperor York was.

Randy closed his eyes and clenched his teeth, looking very miserable at the sight of the scene. Even a lord like him would not dare to take a punch from War Emperor York.

If it was a master at the Life and Death Realm whom Zen had to face, he might have the chance to battle against him. With Zen's powerful body, he might be able to withstand a punch from a Life and Death Realm master. But for some powerful warrior at the Soul Sea Realm like War Emperor

vitality and threw a punch, the power would be unimaginable. If possible, a warrior would prefer to kill himself than take a punch from a Soul Sea Realm master.

Even if War Emperor York used only 30% of his strength, Zen would still be killed, not to mention 80% of his strength. This was the thought that was shared by the powerful warriors at the Soul Sea Realm present. What they could feel right now was only pity for Zen, and not even the tiniest bit of expectation that he would survive.

Zen's gaze was as calm as water. He nodded his head. He was also uncertain about the outcome, but he did not have a better choice at the moment. However, the will of the great world and his own body, which was a sacred weapon had given Zen some confidence, which was why he agreed so readily. He was relying on them right now.

A cold smile appeared on the face of War Emperor York, thinking that he could finally avenge his son's death and his loss of the little monster now. He had really begun to accumulate his life vitality. But at this moment, another voice suddenly rang out from the stairs, "Wait!"

Gasping their breaths, everyone was intently watching Zen's impending death. However, as a voice interrupted, everyone's attention was diverted to the origin of the voice. The one who spoke was actually the daughter of War King Wind, Fiona.

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