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   Chapter 1124 A Punch (Part One)

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Feeling lost, Turner stayed silent and didn't dare to argue with War Emperor York. However, his son, Randy couldn't help but step up and speak for Zen, "War Emperor York, damages and injuries can't be avoided when warriors fight with each other in a battle. Why did you blame this on Thad?"

Other warriors couldn't help but be surprised by Randy's statement. Even Zen was astonished too. The fact that Randy had the courage to step up and speak to War Emperor York was already a feat worthy of praise.

"Shut up! How dare you scold me? Who do you think you are? If you dare to talk anymore, I'll immediately kill you!" War Emperor York was infuriated and he immediately shouted at Randy. He was too mad to choose what words would escape his mouth.

Although Randy was highly regarded by Turner, he was just a prince who got a title in the Harlen Divine Kingdom. He was not even the crown prince. And now his father Turner had remained silent, it was not Randy's place to criticize War Emperor York. It seemed foolish to other powerful warriors what Randy did.

However, when War Emperor York roared at Randy, Turner couldn't bear it any longer. After all, Randy was his son. Turner said coldly, "Lucien, what do you mean by that? How could you say that to my son in front of me?"

"What do I mean? You try to guess. Humph!" War Emperor York did not have the time to waste with Turner. All he wanted was to vent his anger on Zen. They were not worthy of his attention right now.

However, at this time, Zen laughed wildly. "Haha, War Emperor York, you're the ruler of a divine kingdom and the emperor of the many martial artists, but it surprised me that you don't even know the rules! Hmm, why were you so mad if what I only did was defend myself? Just now, that little monster wanted to destroy my soul. If I don't counterattack, do you expect me to sit by and wait for him to destroy my soul just like that? That's absurd.

If I haven't fought back, I might be the one whose soul got destroyed. How was that? That is truly the case of courting death! And in the end, my death would only be something

he ground, rolling their eyes and fainting on the spot. Zen's attention diverted to them, but he didn't ignore War Emperor York's moves.

"Hahaha! Yes, you're right. Damages and injuries can't be avoided when warriors fight with each other. However, an eye for an eye. I will not be put upon. You, Zen, killed my son, and then the little monster. I have to settle accounts with you in the end! I have had enough of your arrogance!" War Emperor York said coldly yet full of fiery anger.

However, Zen was still calm. He didn't refute War Emperor York's claim about his identity. Whether he admitted it or not, War Emperor York didn't believe that he was Thad. Thus, Zen asked straightforwardly, "How do you want to settle the accounts? Tell me..."

War Emperor York took a deep breath. The little monster was a trump card of War Emperor York. It was also because of this trump card that the York Divine Kingdom took a great advantage in the competitions within the four divine kingdoms. Now that the little monster was gone, his kingdom would suffer greatly.

Firstly, the little monster could practice with the princes and help them cultivate faster. Secondly, once the little monster reached the Life and Death Realm, sooner or later he could help the mighty warriors at the Soul Sea Realm. Everyone eagerly waited for the little monster to grow. But it went in vain all of a sudden because of Zen!

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