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   Chapter 1123 The Wrath Of War Emperor York

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Light filtered through Zen's eyes and he blinked slightly. He had now merged himself with the will of this great world--so in a sense, the massive amount of memories belonged to him now. However, he couldn't fully digest the numerous memories, and could only observe them.

Searching through memories was an easy task for him. All he had to do was to think about what he wanted to find.

He filtered through them and not long after, he had found the information about the Soul Nurturing Wood.

"There really is one! It's in the Divine Kingdom Continent!" Zen exclaimed. His heart hammered excitedly in his chest.

Thanks to luck and his talent, he had quickly found a Soul Nurturing Wood.

It turned out that the Holy Maiden from the York Divine Kingdom was a Holy Maiden of a secret sect. The secret sect could open a channel called the 'Reverse Spirit Channel, ' which was used by the secret sect in the Upper World to constantly send resources to them.

It was known that the Upper World was extremely rich in resources. They were so rich that the things they considered as trash turned into precious treasures when they reached the Lower World.

As Zen sifted through the memories, he noticed that the many treasures and materials that passed down the Reverse Spirit Channel had mostly been distributed to the four divine kingdoms!

Moreover, three blocks of the Soul Nurturing Wood had been passed down through the Reverse Spirit Channel!

Two of them had been used already. Two souls from two powerful warriors at the Soul Sea Realm had inhabited two blocks of Soul Nurturing Wood. After they had entered the Five Aging Processes, the two Soul Sea Realm masters' lifespans would come to an end.

Even such powerful warriors couldn't resist the Five Aging Processes. In the end, they had no choice but to abandon their physical bodies and parasitize their souls in the Soul Nurturing Wood.

Right now, there was still a piece of Soul Nurturing Wood left. However, it was in the hands of War King Wind of the Wind Divine Kingdom.

The Soul Nurturing Wood had similar effect as the Immortal Mist's crystal ball. Back then, the Immortal Mist had parasitized his soul in the crystal ball, so in that way, he was able to keep his soul alive. War King Wind had also lived for more than ten thousand years, so he might have kept the Soul Nurturing Wood for himself. If he would enter the Five Aging Processes one day, he would be able to parasitize his soul inside the Soul Nurturing Wood.

A piece of Soul Nurturing Wood was enough for one soul to survive another thousand years.

Soon enough, Zen withdrew himself from the memories with a determined look. He must obtain this Soul Nurturing Wood at all costs!

At that point, Zen looked at Lavender again. Her face was ghostly pale and she looked drained. The dense cracks on the surface of her soul seemed to get bigger.

o feel pity.

Many of the divine-level talents felt good, but the faces of the masters at the Soul Sea Realm looked the opposite...

These powerful warriors of the Soul Sea Realm still waited anxiously for the little monster to enter the Life and Death Realm. Once the little monster reached the Life and Death Realm, his talent would help those said powerful masters, and help them break through the Soul Sea Realm.

Once a martial practitioner reached the Soul Sea Realm, that would probably be their only goal.

However, Zen had killed the little monster already!

Even Turner, who was quiet throughout the fight, looked mad.

"Zen! You actually dared to kill this little monster's soul. You're courting death!" an angry voice shouted. War Emperor York trembled with rage. He had never been so angry at a young man in his life as the ruler of the York Divine Kingdom.

Many of the divine-level talents' faces suddenly changed when they saw War Emperor York's furious expression. Even Turner and the other powerful warriors at the Soul Sea Realm watched him apprehensively. It seemed that War Emperor York wanted to challenge Zen!

Turner mentally sighed. He regretted it when he didn't tell Zen not to kill the little monster. Although the little monster was alive in some way, he was still no different from the dead.

However, Turner and the other powerful warriors of the Soul Sea Realm were also very curious. How did Zen kill the soul of the little monster?

They had studied the little monster for so many years, but had never been able to unravel the mystery about him. But, they knew that this little monster was basically an immortal being.

Not only was the little monster's body indestructible, his soul was also quite special. He emitted a strange light all the time. Even the soul of a Soul Sea Realm master at the Fighting Soul Realm couldn't compare to his soul!

Thus, how did Zen kill it?

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