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   Chapter 1122 Soul Nurturing Wood

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Five minutes had passed, but Zen and the little monster hadn't budged, standing still and motionlessly like statues.

A soul level confrontation would normally take a split second to finish, rarely stretching for this long. The confusion pulsed in the air, increasing with every second.

The mysterious furnace continued to spin. After a long time, the lid of the mysterious furnace opened once again. The stream of multicolored will left the furnace and floated quietly in Zen's mind, emitting a pure and multicolored light.

"The will of this great world seems to have become extremely pure," Zen said softly as he gazed at the brilliant luster that reflecting off the will.

Previously, the little monster had controlled the will of the great world and had infused into it a trace of evil energy. Something of the little monster's nature had somewhat influenced

the end, the Dragon Soar Arena had gone back to Oracle City.

Zen didn't think it a problem for him to ascend to the Upper World.

"I'm afraid we won't be able to wait that long. Look at her! She probably won't last beyond one or two days," the cyan dragon said flatly.

One or two days!

Even if Zen gave up exploring the Feather Holy Sea, he still wouldn't be able to return to the Central Region within that time.

Moreover, if Zen gave up exploring the Feather Holy Sea now, he would have to wait for another year to obtain the life stones. But Letitia wouldn't be able to hold on for that long.

At this point, Zen couldn't help but clench his jaw. He became even more anxious. What should he do?

His eyes flashed and he finally noticed the large mass of memories in his mind. Would he be able to find the Soul Nurturing Wood through these memories?

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