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   Chapter 1122 Soul Nurturing Wood

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Five minutes had passed, but Zen and the little monster hadn't budged, standing still and motionlessly like statues.

A soul level confrontation would normally take a split second to finish, rarely stretching for this long. The confusion pulsed in the air, increasing with every second.

The mysterious furnace continued to spin. After a long time, the lid of the mysterious furnace opened once again. The stream of multicolored will left the furnace and floated quietly in Zen's mind, emitting a pure and multicolored light.

"The will of this great world seems to have become extremely pure," Zen said softly as he gazed at the brilliant luster that reflecting off the will.

Previously, the little monster had controlled the will of the great world and had infused into it a trace of evil energy. Something of the little monster's nature had somewhat influenced the will of the great world.

The cyan dragon said, "His soul has already been refined and now, the will of this great world has no owner. You can devour this will, Zen."

The cyan dragon was referring to the little monster. The soul of the little monster had been refined, which meant that the will of this great world had been purified.

Lavender extracted her hands from Zen's and smiled, fatigue tinging her eyes. She then turned to him and said, "Go, Zen!"

Zen did not notice the tiredness on Lavender's face as he nodded and slowly approached the pure will. Zen was some distance away when the pure will began to flee from Zen, as if evading capture.

Although the will of the great world itself hadn't awakened, this will was still able to perceive Zen's actions. It wasn't willing to be devoured by Zen.

But no matter how far it fled, it was still circling in Zen's mind. It couldn't escape Zen's mind if no one was controlling it. So it was technically impossible for it to escape from Zen's hunt.

Zen's soul finally caught up to the will soon after. The moment he touched the will, his soul trembled and a storm of information swept through Zen.

Zen was drowning in a massive illusion and saw a world in front of him.

"Is this the projection of the entire great world?"

Countless mountains and rivers, boundless oceans, and trillions of creatures appeared before Zen's eyes.

Human figures began to appear before Zen, one by one. The number of faces that popped up was astonishing. Among them were ordinary mortals, nature creatures, and even powerful warriors of the Internal Elixir Realm, Virtual Tribulation Realm, and Soul Sea Realm.

"Are these all of the humans in this great world?"

These figures

would slowly nurture it," the cyan dragon said rather nonchalantly.

Soul Nurturing Wood?

Zen's face hardened as he gritted his teeth. What even was the Soul Nurturing Wood? He had never heard of it and now he was supposed to find it! How?!

"This is a treasure from the Upper World. It's normal that you haven't heard of it," Lavender said. She didn't have much hope of finding the Soul Nurturing Wood in the Lower World and looked dispirited.

The Upper World!

Zen's gaze flickered as he said, "I can enter the Genuine Dragon World to search for it!"

After the Martial Arts Contest ended in Oracle City, the Dragon Soar Arena fell into the hands of the Ethereal Spirit Sect. When the Ethereal Spirit Sect had been destroyed, the Dragon Soar Arena was later occupied by the Heavenly Evil Sect before being taken away by the World Commercial Alliance. In the end, the Dragon Soar Arena had gone back to Oracle City.

Zen didn't think it a problem for him to ascend to the Upper World.

"I'm afraid we won't be able to wait that long. Look at her! She probably won't last beyond one or two days," the cyan dragon said flatly.

One or two days!

Even if Zen gave up exploring the Feather Holy Sea, he still wouldn't be able to return to the Central Region within that time.

Moreover, if Zen gave up exploring the Feather Holy Sea now, he would have to wait for another year to obtain the life stones. But Letitia wouldn't be able to hold on for that long.

At this point, Zen couldn't help but clench his jaw. He became even more anxious. What should he do?

His eyes flashed and he finally noticed the large mass of memories in his mind. Would he be able to find the Soul Nurturing Wood through these memories?

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