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   Chapter 1121 The Embracing Souls

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Zen did not speak. He knew that he had probably reached his most dangerous moment.


He couldn't possibly have his soul leave his body and give up his shell, right?

And since he couldn't retreat, his only option was to fight head on.

Another silent collision. This time, Zen unleashed the Spiritual Thorn. But the thorn that was formed from his own soul shattered instantly the moment it came in contact with the colorful will.

The will of the world was not something that his current level of soul could resist. Perhaps even a soul at the Jasper Fighting Soul Realm would be unable to suppress the will of the world.

A sense of despair rose in Zen's heart, clawing at his insides.

"Ha-ha! Despair, right? You are still too weak!" the little monster said in Zen's mind.

But at this moment, a roar echoed from the depths of Zen's mind.


Zen realized that was the roar of the cyan dragon.

"Cyan dragon..." Zen's brow creased slightly.

Another roar accompanied the first; the red dragon had also awoken, sending a spine-chilling roar at the same time. They couldn't escape the mysterious furnace, but each of them roared and simultaneously launched an attack against the colorful will.

At this, a deep sense of grief began to take over Zen's heart.

The souls of the cyan dragon and red dragon hadn't been repaired a lot. Before this, they had only swallowed an Owl Beast. If their souls had been at their best, they would probably have had the qualifications to contend with the will of the world. But not when they were in this state.

Roar! Roar!

The two soul attacks swept towards the colorful will, and two more soundless collisions occurred.

Immediately after, on the mysterious furnace, the colors of the cyan dragon's and the red dragon's bodies darkened quite a bit, and the will of the world only flickered once. It wasn't long before an even more gorgeous luster burst out and the little monster's voice sounded again, "Interesting! There's actually a furnace in your body. And what's wrong with these dragons? Aren't dragons super legendary beasts? Why are they so weak? Tsk-tsk!"

Before he had even finished speaking, the will of the world struck Zen yet again.

After this collision, Zen retreated again. He could feel his soul trembling and the number of cracks on the surface of his soul increasing. It felt like it would break apart at any time. And thi

m Zen's mind.

"You want to escape? Too late," the cyan dragon said with a sigh.

Soon after, a ray of seven-colored light shot out from the mysterious furnace. As the ray of light gently swept across, it sucked the will of the world into it in a flash of light.

Lavender's soul had become very weak, but when she saw this, she gave Zen a broad smile. "After refining the will of the world, you can absorb it. If the absorption goes well, you will inherit the will of the world and become the son of the plane."

As Lavender spoke, Zen's cracked soul floated towards her. He hugged her tightly.

Two broken souls embraced each other in Zen's mind.

Lavender was astonished at Zen's embrace. Her fiery red eyes flashed. Then she pursed her lips and closed her eyes.

The mysterious furnace was still spinning slowly. After all, it was the will of the world. Even if this furnace wanted to completely refine it, it wouldn't be easy.

On the square, everyone was staring blankly at the sky. Zen and the little monster were motionless, as if they were engaged in a soul battle.

"Zen already displayed the strength of his soul. His soul is not weaker than that of a mighty warrior at the Soul Sea Realm. But the little monster is really confident. He actually dares to use his soul to suppress Zen."

"But didn't you see the aura the little monster was emitting just now? This guy isn't human at all. I feel that he just represented the entire world. What kind of nonsense did the little monster train in?"

Everyone looked at the sky fearfully as they quietly waited for the outcome of the battle.

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