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   Chapter 1120 The Will Of This World

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Ever since Zen had begun cultivating, he had never admitted defeat. He had never even thought of giving up despite being in dire straits.

However, Turner, the emperor of the Harlen Divine Kingdom, could not hold it in.

Turner was like Randy. Both were more loyal to friends, unlike the crown prince.

This battle did not involve any huge interests. Victory or defeat was only a matter of fame. It was not like Turner would lose his throne if Zen lost the battle. If that was how it worked, then it was not Zen's turn to represent the Harlen Divine Kingdom.

Even if Zen lost, it wouldn't be a big deal. He had already defeated Logan and Fiona, and had already earned the Harlen Divine Kingdom a lot of honor and pride.

Besides the little monster, who else from the four divine kingdoms would dare to challenge Zen? Those princes and princesses? They might be slightly stronger than Logan, but they were probably not even a match for Fiona. There was no way they could challenge Zen.

As for the little monster, he was a mystery to them. Even after so many years of studying, the masters at the Soul Sea Realm still hadn't solved the mystery of his origins. Judging from the beastly nature, he was definitely not human.

And their guess was probably right. The little monster was not human. He was just the embodiment of the will of this world, and was called the son of this plane. It was equivalent to being a spokesperson of this great world.

After witnessing the battle for a while, Turner was sure that there was no better way for Zen to deal with the little monster. If this went on, the little monster would eat Zen's head. And this was not what Turner wanted to see.

Randy heaved a long sigh of relief after he heard what his father said. Zen's performance had already surpassed his expectations, and his goal had been achieved. Now, he was naturally worried that the little monster would kill Zen. But since his father had stopped the battle, Zen should be safe.

But War Emperor York and Marine wore expressions that did not bode well. Marine said coldly to Turner, "Your Majesty, I'm afraid this does not look good."

Turner looked at the Holy Maiden and asked with a smile, "This is just a friendly competition before we activate the entrance to the Feather Holy Sea. After so many years, it has slowly become a competition to review the strength of the younger generation of our four divine kingdoms. Since it's just a competition, it's perfectly normal for players to admit defeat, right?"

Marine was just a young girl. She was rather naive when compared to Turner. She was at a loss for words at his little speech.

War Emperor York, however, sneered, "Turne

his cultivation level had been suppressed at the late stage of the Virtual Tribulation Realm. War Emperor York hadn't expected his strength to have risen to this level. Just what the hell was the little monster?

Even the other masters at the Soul Sea Realm felt uncomfortable. The little monster was too dangerous. Ever since the Nine Furnace Martial House had proposed to raise the little monster to the Soul Sea Realm, many people had objected, afraid that they would be raising a snake in their bosom. This guy was not human at all. If he grew up, it would become difficult to control him.

Now that they had seen the little monster's aura bursting out, many of the masters at the Soul Sea Realm became even more worried. Although they could cultivate themselves with the help of the little monster's talent, what would happen if they couldn't control the little monster?


Zen felt a white light flashing in his mind and a multicolored will entering it.

'He intends to use the will of the world to kill me?' Zen thought, shocked.

He did indeed possess a soul close to the Jasper Fighting Soul Realm, but even so, it might not be able to resist the will of the world.

Before Zen could react, the colorful will crashed into Zen's soul ruthlessly.

Under the impact, cracks suddenly appeared on Zen's originally sturdy soul.

'What a strong willpower!' Zen's soul began to retreat.

"Ha-ha! Zen, isn't your soul very powerful? Similar to that of a warrior at the Soul Sea Realm? Even stronger than that of a mighty warrior at the Soul Sea Realm? But how can it counter my attack?" The colorful will turned towards Zen and laughed maniacally. Although this will was the will of the great world, it did not awaken in the end. The little monster was still controlling it.

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