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   Chapter 1119 Admitting Defeat

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The little monster didn't seem too worried about Zen absorbing his natural talent. For him, Zen was not any greedier than the mighty warriors of the Soul Sea Realm on the stairs!

He had promised Marine to fight the battle, so he was not going to let Zen leave this place alive.

Hundreds of golden spears thrust out and instantly, the enchanted barrier was riddled with holes. The mighty Soul Sea Realm warrior could only repair the enchanted barrier again and again.

This little monster's attacks were indeed aggressive. It looked as if he had firmly entrapped Zen within the enchanted barrier. However, it was merely a way for the little monster to vent his anger as it didn't really cause Zen much trouble.

After a while, when the little monster felt he had done enough, a strange smile appeared on his face. "That's enough. Now it's time to send you to hell!"

Suddenly he moved and came in front of Zen in a flash, closing the distance between them in almost an instant. He was now less than two feet from Zen.

Zen narrowed his eyes and threw a punch towards the little monster. But the little monster raised his hand to block it!

With such a simple gesture from the little monster, Zen's strength had vanished into thin air without a trace!

This time, it was Zen's turn to be shocked!

How was it possible?

Zen had feared that he would get trapped by the little monster's flexible body. After all, he was a tricky creature to deal with. Therefore, he had activated the power of the eight hundred dragon scales when he threw the punch. Although it was not his maximum strength, he had used up about seventy to eighty percent of his strength!

Even a powerful warrior at the Soul Sea Realm couldn't block his attack, yet, this little monster had managed to do it.

It was as if Zen's strike, weighing thousands of pounds, was thrown by a child; it did not move even one hair on the little monster.

Suddenly there was a deafening explosion from a mountain near the West Dragon River.


This mountain range, which was over ten thousand feet high, stood beside the West Dragon River. Together with a mountain on the other side of the river, these mountains formed a gorge called Hidden Dragon Gorge, which was also a relatively famous gorge within the Divine Kingdom Continent.

The huge mountain suddenly erupted with a mighty force. Following the explosive sound, the entire mountain range began to crack and collapse from the center. Huge rocks rolled down towards the West Dragon River, and massive waves crashed in the surging river.

The large mountain suddenly collapsed.

"What's going on? There is not a single soul on the West Dragon River, then how did that mountain suddenly collapse?"


ne kingdoms all remained silent. No one jumped out to refute or challenge him. He immediately felt bored.

What he really wanted was for these idiots to get enraged by his words and come to fight him. Then he would give them a brutal beating. He had planned to torture them both mentally and physically, but no one was taking the bait. The game had become a little boring now.

The little monster turned to stare at Zen with a mad look in his black eyes. "I forgot that the battle between you and me hasn't finished yet…"

Hearing this, Zen suddenly distanced himself from the little monster.

"Are you scared? It's too late," the little monster said with a menacing smile on his face. "Your talent is indeed much higher than those pigs. So I suppose you must taste better than them!"

With that he suddenly pounced on Zen, revealing his sharp teeth at the same time.


Zen was crippled with fear.

If this fellow could truly divert his full power, then Zen had no way of defeating him.

With Zen's current strength, he could indeed topple mountains and cut off the rivers with ease. But the great world was so vast. When Zen's power poured into the little monster's body, it would fully get transferred to the great world. And it was impossible for Zen to destroy the entire universe. Even the powerful masters at the Soul Sea Realm couldn't achieve that, let alone Zen!

Perhaps the person who took Yan away from the Ethereal Spirit Sect had the ability to achieve that.

Therefore, Zen didn't attack again. He acted on conditioned reflex and retreated swiftly, instantly distancing himself from the little monster.

However, in the limited space in the enchanted barrier, how could Zen deflect the little monster's attack?

Suddenly Turner said, "Zen, our Harlen Divine Kingdom admits defeat!"

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