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   Chapter 1118 Natural Talents

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"The son of the plane?" Zen was momentarily stunned upon hearing Lavender's words. What did she mean by that?

"The great world that you live in can be seen as a separate plane. It is its own entity. Just as the stars have their own wills, so does this great world," Lavender explained patiently.

The will of a great world was not of a single mind. Rather, it was a mirror reflecting the wills of all living beings. Their lives and desires intertwined, creating an aggregation.

The vast majority of the living beings were the humans, and so the son of the plane took their form, even if not entirely. There were some small details that differed from that of an ordinary human's physique, such as his forked tongue, wolf-like sharp teeth, and pitch-black pupils, accounting for the space meant for other living beings.

Not every great world would have its son. It was born through destruction. Only when irreversible damage had been dealt, it would show its presence to repair the great world.

"If my guess is correct, this little monster should have been born in this great world with the mission to repair the path to the Upper World," Lavender concluded.

Her deductions were correct. The path to the Upper World had been destroyed by the Genuine Dragons, so the Soul Sea Realm masters had no way of ascending. It was because of this that this monster, or the son of the plane, was born.

Despite her understanding of the situation, Lavender knew there was something amiss. "This monster must be this great world's incarnation. However, his character is quite strange," she continued. "There must have been a lot of deviations in the process of his growth." She shook her head as she looked at the creature.

When a great world needed restoration, the son of the plane would appear by chance in the form of a living being. He would be born naturally, like any other creature, and go through the stages of his own lifetime. Only after he had reached adulthood would his mission be revealed to him. Then, he would draw from the plane's power to repair the great world.

Just as Lavender had deduced, the little monster had indeed lived through a long and torturous life. Having been born hideous, he had been abandoned after his birth in the Seven Water Forest.

No beast had touched him. They had instinctively recognized his true identity and raised him as one of their own kind.

But the peace would not last for long. The warriors of the Nine Furnace Martial House entered the Seven Water Forest to cultivate, and in doing so, killed the vicious beasts. Seeing his kind fall down one by one at the hands of humans had awoken an unforgiving wrath in him and his heart had completely turned against the creatures that had once abandoned him.

Lavender only smiled wistfully and said, "Well, this is still a good chance for you. The son of the plane is the embodiment of the will of this plane, and he carries the will of the entire plane. If he uses his own life vitality, he will release the great world's natural talent, which can help you improve your cultivation base. Even the Lucky Light in the Dragon Soar Arena and the Tower of Sin would fall behind to its effect."

The Lucky Light in the Dragon Soar Arena and the Tower of Sin was useful for a

he late stage of the Virtual Tribulation Realm.

"How does it feel? Not bad, right?" The little monster grinned fiendishly as he stared at Zen. "Do you feel like your mind is clearer? Even your cultivation base is improving quickly. Your sense must be reeling from it," the monster said, then cackled once again.

Zen didn't say anything in response. He continued to quickly manuever himself through the space to avoid the golden spears, and at the same time, absorb the enegy that they released.

The monster knew that the energy he had released increased one's cultivation base. However, since he did not yet know the great world's will, he was ignorant to the fact that these lights were actually the natural talents.

War Emperor York's face darkened as he watched the battle. This was far from the result he had hoped for. His goal, along with Marine's, was to kill Zen by the hands of this monster. But now, the little monster was forced to use his life vitality, and things were beginning to work to Zen's favor.

"This man is absorbing the monster's magical energy!" some Soul Sea Realm masters exclaimed. They were unaware that the golden lights were natural talents, and they had called them magical energy instead.

The little monster's natural talents were not inexhaustible. Once he used too much of that power, his life vitality would become gray and lose the effect it had in increasing one's cultivation base. In order to maintain its use, the Nine Furnace Martial House would secretly kill some geniuses every once in a while and feed their energy to the monster. Only then would his life vitality return to a golden color.

In other words, the monster possessed the ability to devour talents from other warriors and then release them for his own use, allowing others to absorb them as well.

In the beginning, the monster had not intended to use his life vitality, but he was obviously no match to Zen in physical strength. Now, after Zen discovered the little monster's secret, he kept moving around the little monster, absorbing the magical energy from his life vitality. This was something that the War Emperor York had never even conceived possible.

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