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   Chapter 1117 Son Of The Plane

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Choosing to engage in close combat with Zen was a big mistake.

Sure, the little monster's body was indeed very special. He was virtually unmatched in terms of power and strength in the four divine kingdoms.

Physical combat could be considered his forte and any fight that required brute strength would always work out in his favor.

Unfortunately, he met Zen.

Despite being unmatched in the four divine kingdoms, the little monster could never have hoped to compare to Zen's strength. Not even a mighty Soul Sea Realm warrior would be able to withstand a punch from the young man.

To add to that, Zen's body had also just become a sacred weapon. An ordinary sacred weapon such as a saber or a sword could not compare to an entire human body in terms of width and physical attributes. Zen's body, therefore, was naturally stronger than any sacred saber or sword.

There was no way the little monster would be able to injure Zen in melee combat.

There was no sugarcoating it. The little monster's choice led him to his own doom.

Meanwhile, War Emperor York stewed in anger as he watched the fight. Zen's strike would've no doubt injured the little monster badly, but the war emperor remained silent and did nothing to stop the battle. He knew how tough the little monster was. He wouldn't die so easily.

Both War Emperor York and Marine had placed their hopes upon the little monster. They needed him to kill Zen. Any intervention from his part would mean admitting defeat for the little monster, and that was far from what he wanted.

It was just that the little monster had been too arrogant. The decision to fight Zen using only brute strength, without any use of life vitality, was terribly stupid. The little monster brought this upon himself and it made War Emperor York terribly angry. According to Marine, Zen was a very capable fighter. He had managed to kill a fourth-level Life and Death Realm warrior, and even both Master Abraham and Master Wallace.

However, War Emperor York remained skeptical. Zen couldn't have possibly killed Master Wallace and Master Abraham though he suspected that their deaths might still be related to the young man.

Bang, bang, bang!

Zen's onslaught of attacks continued and each strike that landed on the little monster made the expression on War Emperor York's face grow darker.

The other warriors watching, however, were the opposite. They, in fact, felt happy at the scene in front of them.

The little monster had a less than amicable reputation among them. He was a notorious character who did all sorts of evil things. Had he been born as a divine kingdom crown prince, he would've long since been dethroned.

He was someone who generated a lot of hate from the people around him, but nobody could really afford to offend him due to his strength. The only way to deal with the little monster was to outright avoid him.

The Nine Furnace Martial House warriors were especially happy seeing the little monster be brutally abused by Zen. It was like the New Year's celebration for them but five times better. They felt that Zen was helping them vent out their frustrations upon the little monster through


He knew that once he broke through and entered the Life and Death Realm, he would be able to affect these Soul Sea Realm masters and help them attain a higher level. This was far from what he wanted. There was no way he was helping his enemies get stronger, so he chose to suppress himself in the hopes that he could break through the Virtual Tribulation Realm and instantly reach the Life and Death Realm.

This was the only way he'd stand a chance against the Soul Sea Realm powerhouses.

For the little monster, the requirement he set for himself was to be able to fight someone who was an entire realm higher than him. He was currently at the late stage of the Virtual Tribulation Realm, but he could face off against a fifth or even sixth-level Life and Death Realm warrior.

Once he broke through, he should be able to attain the third or even fourth level of the Life and Death Realm which would be enough to face off against Soul Sea Realm masters. He wouldn't be able to defeat War Emperor York, but it would be enough for him to escape the Divine Kingdom Continent. It was only once he got strong enough that he would come back for revenge.

However, his plans had come crashing down upon meeting this other "monster." Thad's cultivation level was lower than his, but he was by no means any weaker than him.

He had greatly underestimated his opponent before, but now, the little monster knew that he had to take this fight seriously. He finally activated his life vitality and let it flow throughout his body, concentrating it on his hands.

A speck of golden light sparked in his palm.

Zen couldn't help but frown at this speck of life vitality as it gave off a very strange feeling that he couldn't describe.

It was as if the golden life vitality contained some kind of strange, complex rule.

"No wonder you can't kill him," Lavender said. She was also unable to determine the little monster's origins before, but the sight of the golden life vitality in his palm confirmed something for her. "This guy isn't a monster, but he isn't exactly human either. He is the son of the plane."

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