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   Chapter 1116 Smash

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Even a powerful Soul Sea Realm warrior would have to reconnect his broken arm if it was dislocated. Otherwise, he would become a cripple.

No human body had such miraculous regenerative abilities. This was why the Nine Furnace Martial House was becoming increasingly interested in the little monster.

The martial artists of the Nine Furnace Martial House secretly conducted research on the little monster's body within the Nine Furnace Martial House. One day they discovered the little monster's secret abilities, which could help other martial artists with their cultivation.

A martial artist was born with some amount of talent. Some medicinal herbs could modify this talent, but these weren't found in the Divine Kingdom Continent.

In order to cultivate faster and reach a higher level, the four divine kingdoms had established numerous martial houses and constructed countless secret training grounds. They had organized all sorts of matches for martial artists at different levels during which they could constantly temper themselves, fight vicious beasts, and train for life-threatening situations.

All this was done to unleash their talents and make the most of them.

When the martial artists of the Nine Furnace Martial House discovered the little monster's talent, they were all excited.

A warrior at nature level was stuck at a bottleneck for many years. He probably would never have a chance to enter the Illuminating Soul Realm. However, after fighting with the little monster, he was enlightened and soon advanced to the Illuminating Soul Realm.

This was the effect of the little monster's talent.

When he had first entered the Nine Furnace Martial House, he was only at the marrow refining level. He wasn't even a nature creature back then.

The Nine Furnace Martial House soon discovered that the little monster could help others break through a bottleneck during a spar. However, this was only possible if the gap in cultivation wasn't too large.

If an Internal Elixir Realm martial artist fought with the little monster, the effects would be minimal, but a nature creature would benefit a lot from fighting with him.

The Nine Furnace Martial House had specially built a stone tower where they had chained the little monster, and every day, they would send in a different nature-level martial artist to fight him.

Many martial artists at nature level died at the hands of the savage monster. But, those who survived could rapidly advance to the next level.

The little monster was not a fool. Even though he was a fierce beast, he was smart enough to learn the purpose of this group of warriors.

So he refused to fight. No matter how much the Nine Furnace Martial House abused him, or even cut off his hands and feet, the little monster still refused to fight.

After several months of stalemate, the Nine Furnace Martial House finally compromised.

It would be a waste to use the little monster simply to

ade of? He should have been hurt many times by the little monster by now, right? But he looks just fine!"

At this point, Zen became impatient. This little monster was even more difficult to defeat than he had thought. The first thing he needed to do was pull him off his body. So Zen suddenly turned around and twisted the little monster's other hand, and then he suddenly leaped into the air and stomped heavily on the little monster's chest.

The little monster realized what Zen was up to. "You want to get rid of me? In your dreams!" he jeered.

But in that moment, the forceful energy in Zen's body suddenly erupted, and as he stretched his legs, the power of the dragon scales within his body also surged out. Zen was like a meteor, crashing into the edge of the enchanted barrier, but the little monster's hands were still firmly entwined around his body.

Zen had already anticipated this, so when he hit the edge of the barrier, he pulled with all his might.


The little monster's soft body crashed into the enchanted barrier.

"In my dreams? I don't believe that your body has no limits!" Zen swung his hands once again and pushed the little monster heavily. The little monster's body instantly got stuck to the barrier.

Bang, bang, bang, bang!

A series of loud sounds echoed in the air as Zen swung the little monster's body, smashing it into both ends of the barrier.

Every collision caused the barrier to tremble. One could imagine how much the little monster's body was suffering.

"Um..." Seeing the little monster being treated like this by Zen, one of the Soul Sea Realm experts got worried and asked the War Emperor York, "Should we stop Zen? Although the little monster's body is almost immortal, if this goes on, he might die."

Many powerful Soul Sea Realm warriors had been anxiously waiting for the little monster to enter the Life and Death Realm. Now they were afraid that the little monster would be killed by Zen.

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