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   Chapter 1115 Flexible (Part Two)

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"Shall we continue?" Zen once again asked nonchalantly.

The little monster once again got up on his feet. After spitting on the ground, he looked up at Zen. There was a sinister smile contorting his lips. He did not say anything, and instead, once again leapt upwards towards Zen.

Once again, Zen appeared behind the little monster. Since the power of five hundred dragon scales was not enough to hurt him, he planned to directly activate the power of eight hundred dragon scales. He hoped that would be enough.

However, just as Zen was about to attack, the little monster's hand suddenly twisted and came towards him.

The whole scene was very confusing, but Zen quickly understood what was happening. The little monster's arm just twisted backwards to come for him!

This action would be impossible for a human to complete. It was just like trying to turn one's neck 360 degrees. A normal person would suffer from broken bones if he or she attempted to do what this little monster had done.

It was now clear that the little monster's body was extremely flexible. While contemplating this fact, Zen wasn't able to dodge the oncoming arm. It caught his arm, and its grip immediately tightened.

Just like a rope, the arm coiled itself around Zen's arm, effectively tying him down.

"Ha-ha," the little monster chuckled, happiness evident on his face. "As I have told you, I don't need to use my life vitality just to deal with you." His vicious grin widened. Suddenly, a huge force flowed through his arm, and he sent Zen flying towards the ground!


Taken by surprise, Zen wasn't able to ready himself for the attack. Because of that, he had no choice but to brace himself for

he Nine Furnace Martial House's senior leaders. It shook them up. Because of that, they decided to send over a thousand martial artists at the Internal Elixir Realm into the Seven Water Forest to investigate. It was only then did they finally discover the little monster. They had to chase after him for more than ten days before they were able to capture him.

That year, the little monster was seven years old, and he only had the strength at the marrow refining level. No one had taught him any martial skills, and all of his cultivation had been achieved through his own comprehension.

After the Nine Furnace Martial House captured him, they decided to spare his life. Even though he was dangerous, he only attacked ordinary nature creatures. The senior leaders of the Nine Furnace Martial House decided to keep him in order to unravel the secrets of his incredible body.

They never expected that they would find out so much about the little monster's body. First and foremost, his bones seemed to be extremely soft and flexible.

Once, someone cut off one of his arms as an experiment. A few days later, he grew another.

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