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   Chapter 1114 Flexible (Part One)

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The little monster had just said that he would not use his life vitality to fight Zen. He intended to only use his physical strength. However, without his life vitality, he would not be able to fly. Since Zen was already at the top of the enchanted barrier, how would he be able to attack him?

Since he had already boasted about how he would not need to use his life vitality to fight Zen, he couldn't break his own words. With that, he started to dart towards the edge of the enchanted barrier.


With his long hands and legs, the little monster looked bizarre. Once he started moving, though, every part of his body seemed to be playing huge part in what he was trying to achieve, giving him incredible advantage. He started looking streamlined -- a warrior with a goal.

After running the whole distance of the fighting area within only a few seconds, he came upon the enchanted barrier. Without any hesitation, he started scaling it. When he was halfway to the top, he suddenly did an athletic somersault. With a powerful push against the enchanted barrier, he was finally heading towards the direction where Zen was standing.

When Zen saw that the little monster had managed to charge at him without using his life vitality, his lips broke out in a sardonic grin.

A very convenient skill a martial artist had was flying by using his life vitality, so that he could change positions at will. The fact that the little monster had managed to approach Zen just by merely sprinting and taking a giant leap in the air amazed and disgusted Zen at the same time.

Suddenly, Zen's figure vanished into thin air and reappeared behind the little monster, his arms outstretched as if he was trying to reach behind his opponent.

"I can't believe you are this

ttle monster leaped higher into the air, but since he couldn't find a place where he could push himself to gain momentum, it became impossible for him to dodge Zen's fist.


A powerful punch once again landed on the little monster's back, again sending him crashing down like a shooting star.

And just like the first time around, Zen still failed to hurt him. Seeing this, Zen clenched his fists, narrowed his eyes, and gritted his teeth. His opponent's ability to withstand powerful blows was on par with that of his own body.

Despite that, Zen and the little monster were fundamentally different in their natures. Zen had transformed his body into a magic weapon, and his body itself was now virtually invincible. After being refined by the Nirvana Flames, he now had the physique that could be considered as a sacred weapon, rendering him insusceptible to injuries and attacks.

The body of the little monster, however, was on the opposite extreme side of the scale. His body seemed very soft as if he had no bones. That made any attack towards him seem like an attack on a sponge. Realizing this, Zen understood that it would be hard for him to hurt his opponent.

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