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   Chapter 1113 The Arrogant Little Monster

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After Zen's victory, all of the divine-level talents of the four divine kingdoms became speechless. Most of them became evidently listless and restless.

They might have had the impulse to challenge Zen after his fight against Logan, but after what just happened, any warrior with even the littlest self-awareness would understand that they would never measure up to him, even if they tried, for the rest of their lives.

Such a sentiment was understandable—Zen was able to survive, even under such terrifyingly powerful flames! He didn't obtain any kind of injury, and the only thing he lost was his clothes. Due to this, many people had started suspecting that Zen was not a human at all, or that his body was made up of some unknown substance. After all, Zen being unharmed was just totally illogical.

Obviously, Zen didn't care one bit about how any of them felt. After the golden runes disappeared, Zen's body had already become a sacred weapon. More importantly, there was still a considerable amount of primordial energy in his body that he could use to further refine his already invincible body.

Although going through body refinement was painful, he would happily bear it as doing so would bring tremendous benefits to him as a warrior.

With his eyes closed, Zen began stretching his body. Slowly, he felt that he had entered a new level. A hint of joy appeared on his face before he opened his eyes and gazed at Randy, Turner and the others on the platform.

Joy overflowing on his face, Randy gave Zen a thumbs-up. Zen nodded slightly and looked around, asking in a clear voice, "Who else wants to challenge me?"

The Wind Divine Kingdom had failed. The next step was for the Star Field Divine Kingdom or the York Divine Kingdom to send their best warriors to challenge him.

With the current situation, the most unhappy ones were the warriors from the Star Field Divine Kingdom. Ever since the beginning, they had never won a match. Although the Wind Divine Kingdom had lost, War King Wind had only sent one warrior to fight Zen, and that was Fiona.

Despite the fact that Fiona had lost, the strength she displayed was already enough to prove her worth. In the younger generation of the four divine kingdoms, there weren't many people who would dare say that they were match for her!

After Zen defeated Logan and Fiona, the warriors that were ranked in the first tier of their own martial houses didn't dare come up. Even with their current level of strength, they knew that they would be instantly defeated by Zen. They would only bring shame to themselves and their martial houses.

Actually, the crown princes of the four divine kingdoms had the opportunity to challenge and defeat Zen. The thing was, no one knew if any of them would take that step forward.

Just as the imperial members of the Star Field Divine Kingdom were considering this, someone had already stepped out. This person was none other than that little monster from the Nine Furnace Martial House.

There were so many top warriors within the York Divine Kingdom, including some from the Nine Furnace Martial House. Their strength was not necessa

vine-level talents.

However, everyone had clearly seen the power that Zen had. He was so formidable that even the Genuine Phoenix could do nothing to him!

Wasn't it a bit too much for the little monster to say such a thing?

At the little monster's words, a strange smile suddenly appeared on Zen's face. "You don't seem to be a body refiner and don't have any forceful energy."

"You're right. To deal with you, I do not need the forceful energy!" the little monster said again.

"Okay." Instantly, Zen soared, quickly reaching the peak of the enchanted barrier.

When warriors at the Virtual Tribulation Realm fought against each other, their battle space was always too small. Therefore, the Soul Sea Realm master had set up a large enchanted barrier. After reaching the peak, Zen looked down on the little monster below. He then asked with a cunning smile, "If that's the case, how do you plan on fighting me?"

"You!" The little monster's expression suddenly froze.

Even without life vitality, the explosive strength of the little monster's body was still very strong. The problem was Zen had pulled away from him, and the little monster couldn't even reach him.

If it was another warrior who wanted to compete with him in terms of physical strength, Zen would certainly agree to such a request. Whether it was forceful energy, life vitality, or physical strength, Zen was not afraid of it at all. However, he could not bear to watch the little monster act so arrogantly in front of everyone.

There were plenty of people who disliked the little monster. Even though many divine-level talents were able to break through their bottlenecks and obtain great benefits by sparring with him, the little monster was not someone whom many people liked. Well, how many people would like a guy who not only looked like a monster, but also had a cruel and erratic temperament?

Seeing that the little monster was at a loss as to what to reply to Zen's words, everyone took the opportunity to laugh. It was this laughter that made the little monster embarrassed and angry beyond measure.

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