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   Chapter 1112 Nirvana Flames

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Without question, War King Wind had also specialized in fire-attribute cultivation methods. His comprehension of the Fire Law was way deeper than Fiona's.

Having been able to comprehend the third layer of the Fire Law, Fiona even owned a jade bracelet that was considered to be a semi-divine weapon. But this didn't mean that she was able to resist all kinds of flames, such as the phoenix's fire attacks.

Truthfully, War King Wind was only testing Fiona. He absolutely didn't want her to suffer any damage, which was why he brought her away from the enchanted barrier.

Even Turner himself wanted to bring Zen out of the enchanted barrier. Since he had chosen to protect him, he didn't want Zen to die in there. The problem was he found it hard to understand what Zen was saying.

Previously, Zen was completely unharmed by the impact of the phoenix's Sun Flame Attack. On his face, an expression of wanting more was plastered. What was the purpose of him infuriating the phoenix? Did he really hope for the phoenix to use its full strength?

As he thought of it, Turner wasn't able to do anything at all.

Just as the War King Wind had pulled Fiona out of the enchanted barrier, the phoenix curled its body and began to shrink. The fire ring around it also began to condense rapidly.

Fiona stood outside the enchanted barrier as she stared at the contractual beast. "Thad has provoked it. Now, it wants to use the Nirvana Flames to burn him," she said.

The phoenix was the symbol for immortality.

The overall strength of this species was slightly weaker than that of the Genuine Dragon, but their vitality was much greater. Even the Nine-head Snake, a kind of legendary beast who had a super healing ability, did not compare to the Genuine Phoenix in that very aspect.

The phoenixes, unlike all the other beasts, could be reborn forever. As long as fire existed, they could come back to life.

Why did Zen feel a kind of power that surpassed the third layer of Fire Law when Fiona summoned Fiery Shine? What was that all about? Ultimately, it was because it had reincarnated within the flames. Before Fiona summoned Fiery Shine, it had already died once.

Death wasn't a threat for the Genuine Phoenix. They could choose to die at any time and place, and they could also be reborn from any fire.

During the process of coming back to life, phoenixes could release the Nirvana Flames. That was also the fourth layer of the Fire Law, also known as the Flames of Rebirth.

Out of the ten layers of the Fire Law, the first one was called the "Raging Fire." The second layer was "The Ashes" while the third one

In spite of the fact that it was a super legendary beast, it was to maintain a respectful attitude towards Zen once it was established that he could actually defeat it in a duel.

Thus, the phoenix let out a long cry and flew out of the enchanted barrier.

"Remove the enchanted barrier and let Fiery Shine come out," Fiona ordered.

Hearing her words, the warrior at the Soul Sea Realm immediately opened the enchanted barrier. After Fiery Shine left the enchanted barrier, it flew towards its master.

After Fiona whispered a few words of consolation into its ears, the phoenix's mood seemed to ease up a little. Then, Fiona slowly approached the edge of the enchanted barrier and said to Zen, "I've lost this battle. You're stronger than I am. There is no denying it."

When War King Wind took action and brought Fiona away from the enchanted barrier, she had already lost to him.

Now that she had admitted defeat, Fiona was convinced from the bottom of her heart. She really didn't stand a chance against Zen.

Knowing that she didn't have to face up against Zen anymore, Fiona suddenly calmed down. She was quite satisfied with how their battle turned out.

Zen nodded and smiled to her. "You're not so bad yourself."

"Mm, I know," Fiona joked, but Zen knew she meant it. After all, she was a force. She knew how strong she was, and so did Zen.

After making sure no one else was around, Fiona whispered to Zen, "Let me remind you, that little monster really is powerful. You have to be careful, or he'll kill you."

In fact, Fiona could also tell that Zen's ability to defeat her was related to his special talent. It seemed that he wasn't afraid of the flames, but the little monster was a whole new different kind of evil.

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