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   Chapter 1111 Not Powerful Enough

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An ordinary flame's heat dissipated in all directions. When one made a fire, it would often burn wild and unpredictable, and that made it weak.

The Genuine Phoenix's Sun Flame Attack was different because the blazing white flame bound and centered the heat to its core. This made it hotter, better, and far more accurate when launched.

As the white fireball came flying towards him, Zen only had one thought in his mind: it seemed that his clothes were about to be burnt once again.

Just as this thought flashed through his mind, the flames immediately enveloped him and set his body aflame.

"Hooo... hooo... hooo..."

Despite the horrifying sight of Zen burning alive, he was calm. There was no need to worry for his own safety given that he had an immunity to most flames, save of course for the black flame within the mysterious furnace.

The Genuine Phoenix's Sun Flames looked terrifying but, in the end, they only contained the power of the first three layers of Fire Law which caused no harm to Zen.

Now if the Genuine Phoenix had been a grown-up one, then he'd have a problem.

A mature Genuine Phoenix was a fourteenth to fifteenth level super legendary beast comparable to a world lord or a supreme lord. Its size was also no joke given that it could grow to a thousand miles long in length. Never mind its flames, Zen would be smashed into smithereens with just a lift of its claw.

The temperature began to reach an uncomfortably hot range and Zen's body had turned as red as a hot-iron poker.

Zen looked at his body expectantly, 'They should appear any minute.' One thing he hoped would come out of his willingness to burn himself was for his body to finally become a sacred weapon. With the combined power of several thousand dragon scales and forceful energy, his strength would be boosted to the point that he'd be able to defeat Life and Death Realm warriors with ease once he entered the late stage of the Virtual Tribulation Realm.

However, this wasn't what happened. After the Sun Flame Attack had continued for about a minute, nothing had come.

"Eh? Why didn't they appear?"

Burning himself in phoenix flames wasn't enough. Golden runes should've appeared in order for Zen to completely absorb the flames into his body.

'The flames aren't powerful enough, ' he quickly concluded.

This was troublesome. It seemed not even flames from the first three layers of Fire Law would be enough.

'That phoenix shouldn't have just comprehended three layers of Fire Law, ' he thought to himself.

The Sun Flames couldn't be the phoenix's most powerful attack. Ever since it appeared, Zen had already felt a mysterious power of Fire Law hidden within the beast. The power was m

h remained of his clothes.

"Ah!" Fiona cried out, immediately averting her eyes at the scene.

When he had turned against the current of the flames, Zen had walked over to Fiona and was actually quite close to the princess. Right now, his entire body was completely in full view of the pure, innocent girl.

Some of the female martial artists in the square also averted their eyes but there were a few who shamelessly ogled at him and enjoyed the view.

Zen felt a bit embarrassed at his current state but he had to have thick skin. Besides, there was another matter he should be concerned with.


His provocation had worked and the phoenix was now preparing a whole new wave of attacks for him.

Fiery Shine's feathers had spread out, informing every one of its anger. It emitted a wave of heat that was so strong, not even Fiona could withstand it.

"What were you thinking? Why did you provoke it? Fiery Shine is truly angry now!"

she blamed Zen, head still turned to the side.

He did not answer given that he didn't really care about the fight with Fiona any more. There was a more important matter that needed his attention. The heat wave was strong but he still wasn't sure if it would be enough for him to advance.

A fire ring suddenly appeared around the phoenix and Zen swore he felt some kind of special Law Power in that attack.

His heart rejoiced, 'That's it! That's the attack I need!' This was the mysterious Law Power he had sensed upon the phoenix's appearance. This power was entirely different from that in the Sun Flame Attack earlier.

The sight of the fire ring immediately alarmed Fiona. Her father, War King Wind was also greatly concerned to the point that he actually entered the arena through the enchanted barrier and forcefully pulled his daughter out.

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