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   Chapter 1110 Sun Flame Attack (Part Two)

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Because Fiona had mainly cultivated the Fire Law and the Time Law, the contractual beast she had summoned through her bloodline was a fire phoenix!

Fortunately, Zen's body was a fairy weapon, and it made him completely immune to fire. He was just worried that he didn't have a chance to increase the strength of his physical body!

The higher the strength of the body, the more power of the dragon scales Zen would be able to use. It was a piece of cake for Zen to gather weapons to refine heavenly essence, but his physical body would not be able to withstand too much force. If he utilized too much of the dragon scales' power, his physical body would disintegrate.

Fiona leaned backwards until she was finally sitting on the feathers of the great phoenix behind her. Then, she pointed at Zen with her finger and said, "Fiery Shine, Sun Flame Attack!"


The Genuine Phoenix named Fiery Shine suddenly raised its head and opened its mouth. The spiritual energy of heaven and earth began surging through its body and it gathered in its mouth.

'It could directly absorb the spiritual energy of heaven and earth?' Zen thought, fully taken aback by what had happened.

When the phoenix absorbed enough spiritual energy of heaven and earth, it locked its gaze on Zen, who was standing not too far away.

Just as the Genuine Phoenix was about to launch its attack on Zen, Fiona suddenly appeared in front of it. She placed her hand on the phoenix's head and said something not audible to anyone but the two of them. It was as if she was whispering something to its ear. Then, they seemed to begin having a conver

't admit defeat.

Fiona revealed an expression full of regret. Summoning Fiery Shine was the decision made after careful thought. As a martial artist, she would never be able to escape a duel with another warrior. It was as necessary as eating was to humans: it was a rule that she could not break, no matter what.

Since she couldn't avoid it, she could only accept it. Fiona finally decided to fight with Zen with her real strength.

This battle with Zen made her realize what her mission and responsibilities were, and she understood more clearly what expectations her royal father had for her!

Before, she would've chosen to surrender rather than summon Fiery Shine to kill Zen.

But this time was different. She did not want to disappoint her royal father.

After seeing that her warning had no effect on Zen, Fiona's eyes narrowed greatly. She turned back to her phoenix, and patted its head in a knowing manner. Fiery Shine had been waiting for a long time. After it received Fiona's orders, it opened its mouth, and a ten feet wide beam of flame shot towards Zen.

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