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   Chapter 1109 Sun Flame Attack (Part One)

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Like normal beasts, super legendary beasts were also divided into different levels.

A ninth level fierce beast would be equivalent to a human warrior at Virtual Tribulation Realm, a tenth level one would be equivalent to a human warrior at Life and Death Realm, and an eleventh level one would be equivalent to a mighty warrior at the Soul Sea Realm.

Regardless whether the beasts were super legendary or normal fierce ones, once they reached eleventh level, their demon cores would liquefy, allowing them to open up a new world.

Despite that, there was still a great disparity between a fierce beast and a legendary beast, a legendary beast and a super legendary beast.

A super legendary beast, such as a Genuine Dragon or a Genuine Phoenix, would have a far superior growing speed and special talents over an ordinary legendary beast or a fierce beast. Like the super talents in the human race, they could also challenge opponents who were levels above them with ease.

"We have contracted an alliance by the use of my spirit and my soul. The Genuine Phoenix named Fiery Shine, listen to my commands, and follow me!" At that moment, Fiona's voice suddenly became extremely authoritative.

The Genuine Phoenix which went by the name of Fiery Shine was Fiona's contractual beast. The stronger the cultivator was, the stronger his or her contractual beast would be. Fiona was only at the late stage of the Virtual Tribulation Realm, but she was already able to have such a beast under her command. Even in the Upper World, it was extremely rare for someone to have a Genuine Phoenix as a contractual beast!

Much like the Genuine Dragon race, the number of Genuine Phoenixes in the Genuine Phoenix race was extremely small. For instance, the Genuine Dragon World had 49 fully grown Genuine Dragons. If you counted the young ones, its total number would still be less than a thousand

ed directly at Zen, its eyes full of power. Its feathers, which were about a hundred feet long each, spread around Fiona.

On top of each and every feather was a blazing flame, and from them streamed Fire Law. It was a beautiful sight to behold.

'The third layer of the Fire Law…'

Zen thought. It was his estimate of the level of the Fire Law as he felt the intensity of it. The flames emitting from the Genuine Phoenix never ceased. They had the power to destroy everything, but at the same time, there was a vigorous life force hidden within them.

Although this Genuine Phoenix was only at the ninth level, it made Zen feel a strong sense of being overpowered. This overwhelming force was much stronger than what Eddie emitted when they faced each other. Truly, a super legendary beast wasn't something to be trifled with.

If Fiona's contractual beast had been a Genuine Dragon or an ice phoenix, the pressure on Zen would definitely have multiplied. The strength of this super legendary beast was probably comparable to that of a master at the fourth or fifth level of the Life and Death Realm. Fiona was also someone who shouldn't be overlooked. Zen, with all his power and strength, did not have the confidence that he would be able to defeat them.

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