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   Chapter 1108 A Genuine Phoenix Descendant

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War King Wind and Turner along with the mighty warriors at the Soul Sea Realm were all observing this spectacle.

Without the use of the Time Law, the speed difference between Fiona and Zen was huge.

But the main thing to note was that while Fiona had the advantage of speed, she wasn't able to deal with Zen. His body was just too strong. He was simply too domineering.

As long as he continued to resist, his comprehension of the Time Law would become increasingly better. In the end, Fiona would be the one to lose.

"Oh, no!" said a distressed Fiona. She could feel the change in Zen's speed. He was getting faster and faster.

Overall, he was still four times slower than her, but the gap was rapidly shrinking.

She didn't want to lose to Zen; she really didn't want to! So after attacking him with her palm, she didn't attack again. Instead, her slim and graceful body floated to a corner of the enchanted barrier. "Thad, give up," she called to Zen.

"Why?" Zen had no idea what this little girl was thinking, but he was probably used to it.

It takes all kinds of people to make the world. Two people's personalities can be completely different. Zen learned this principle from Margaret's character.

"I'm going to use fire. If you can't block this move, I'm afraid you'll die," Fiona said earnestly.

"Fire?" Zen raised his eyebrows slightly.

His primordial energy had been accumulating in his body ever since he had refined his body last time. Now it was time for him to refine his body again and advance it to the next level.

However, all this time, Zen had been unable to find a suitable fire source.

Zen himself didn't know what kind of fire source would be able to help him advance to the next level, but the stronger his body became, the more powerful the fire source he would need.

He did possess a powerful fire source. It was the black flame within the mysterious furnace. But the black flame was far too overbearing. He did not dare to try it out rashly.

Fiona was proficient in not only Time Law but also Fire Law. If Zen could borrow the power of her flames to help his body become a sacred weapon, it would be great.

"Yes," Fiona nodded. "So you should give up. Don't force me to use it. I can't k

heat wave.

"Does Fiona have the Genuine Phoenix bloodline? Is she a descendant of the Phoenix race?" yelled someone.

"The concentration of her bloodline is ridiculously high. It's very likely that she's a descendant of the Phoenix race."

Zen's eyebrows shot up when he saw the slowly congealing flames.

Once Zen had absorbed the blood as well as the blood essence of Genuine Dragons. They were very good for the refinement of his body.

However, he had only absorbed a few drops of them. So he did not have much of them in his body, and more importantly, he hadn't absorbed enough Genuine Dragon blood, so he had not yet mastered the theurgy of the Genuine Dragons.

But Fiona seemed to be the true descendant of a super legendary beast. Her blood density was ridiculously high, and the Genuine Phoenix phantom had actually been condensed to such a degree.

When Zen was at the Cloud Sect, he had learned that Tracy possessed the Blue Phoenix bloodline. However, the Blue Phoenix could not compare to a super legendary beast, and was far inferior to Genuine Dragons and Genuine Phoenixes.

Fiona was different, though. She seemed to have a complete Genuine Phoenix bloodline.

From between her eyebrows, streams of flames surged out.

The flames condensed continuously and slowly fused together to form a phoenix.

The phoenix formed by Fiona was different from the one Letitia had created. Letitia's ice phoenix was just an illusion, while this one seemed to be a real phoenix!

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