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   Chapter 1107 Zen's Speed of Comprehending Time Law

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It wasn't that these powerful masters of the Soul Sea Realm didn't believe it, but they found it hard to accept that Zen had actually been learning the Time Law from Fiona.

The Time Law of the four divine kingdoms was recorded on a totem. And the totem wasn't something that belonged to the Lower World but was passed down from the Upper World through the Reverse Spirit Channel of the secret sect.

But this particular totem wasn't sought after a lot. In comparison, the totems that carried the third and fourth layers of Fire Law, and those that carried the Ice, Metal, and Thunder Laws were much more popular.

The reason was simply because it was too difficult to comprehend the Time Law.

They didn't know what the situation in the Upper World was like. But there were no more than one hundred warriors in the entirety of the four divine kingdoms who could comprehend the Time Law.

For example, the female martial artist who had followed Randy, Camilla, didn't have any great talents in other aspects. But because she had comprehended 10% of the first layer of the Time Law, she had been able to reach the top of the second tier.

Fiona's talent was good enough, but it took her seven years just to completely comprehend the first layer of the Time Law.

It had taken her only nineteen years to reach the late stage of the Virtual Tribulation Realm. But it had taken her seven years just to comprehend the Time Law alone.

Because of how difficult it was to comprehend the Time Law and also because it took too long a time, many martial artists usually gave up trying to study the Time Law from the totem. Some other warriors wanted to try their luck comprehending the Time Law on the totem but they ended up discovering that they didn't have any talent in this aspect. So they also eventually gave up.

The Time Law was indeed powerful. It frustrated many warriors who achieved nothing despite having spent so much time trying to comprehend it.

Of course, there were people with great perseverance in the Divine Kingdom Continent. There was once a martial artist at the Illuminating Soul Realm, a prince of the Star Field Divine Kingdom with divine-level talent. He was obsessed with studying the Time Law and after spending a full 563 years on it, he had finally comprehended 60% of the first layer of the Law.

Since he had spent too much time studying the Time Law, he had only been able to reach the primary stage of the Internal Elixir Realm after becoming over five hundred years of age. He had finally died when he had reached the end of his lifespan.

There were only two types of people that cultivated the Time Law on the Divine Kingdom Continent. The first type was the martial artists who had a very strong affinity to the Time Law. Even in the divine kingdoms where many talents usually gathered, there was only a small number of such talented martial artists. And in the younger generation, only Fiona was gifted in comprehending the Time Law.

The other ty

ept such a difference.


Fiona's expression became more serious by the minute. Although she was an innocent and naive girl, she was way too serious about the cultivation of martial arts - more than anyone else. After all, just relying on one's talent wasn't enough for one to succeed in the pursuit of martial arts. Without strong will, perseverance, passion and seriousness, one wouldn't be able to walk too far on this path.

Fiona's figure flashed and once again darted behind Zen. Zen's speed was still relatively, extremely slow, but it was much faster than before.


This time, Fiona thumped Zen heavily on his back. Zen twisted his body and used his elbow to block Fiona's attack.


A muffled sound rang out as Zen felt the breath whoosh out of him. But since he had been prepared in a defensive position, he wasn't injured.

A crackling tension filled the air, filling the atmosphere within the enchanted barrier with an unparalleled intensity.

Fiona constantly struck out her palm. It was true that she had a considerable advantage in speed, but Zen had combat experience that Fiona couldn't compare with. He could always predict what would happen in advance and defend himself against Fiona's attack even before it happened.

What was more astonishing was that not only was Zen able to block Fiona's attack, the speed with which he was comprehending the Time Law was also rapidly increasing.

By the time Zen had blocked thirteen strikes from Fiona, he had already been able to compress time by about eleven times. And by the time Fiona had struck Zen twenty times, Zen had already been able to compress time by about twelve times.

Everything was difficult at the beginning. As Zen gained more insights into the first layer of the Time Law, his speed of comprehending the Time Law increased in leaps and bounds.

A powerful master at the Soul Sea Realm figured out what was happening and shook his head. Fiona would be in a pickle, he thought.

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