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   Chapter 1106 Comprehend The Time Law

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At that moment, War King Wind, who had been watching the battle closely with his full attention, suddenly let out a long sigh.

'This is a trial for Fiona, ' he thought to himself.

Fiona had never gone out to practice and gain experience through real life fights, but that didn't mean she had never fought anyone. Ever since she had stepped into the nature level, her father had arranged for opponents to challenge her one after the other.

Once Fiona was able to defeat an opponent of the same level as her own, he would arrange for stronger opponents. And she did not disappoint him. Once she had reached the third grade of nature level, she was already strong enough to defeat a warrior at the seventh grade of nature level.

When she reached the tenth grade of nature level, she gained enough strength and experience to defeat an opponent at the seventh grade of the Illuminating Soul Realm.

From that moment onwards, she basically became capable of defeating any warrior whose cultivation level was an entire realm above hers.

Now, since she had entered the late stage of the Virtual Tribulation Realm, she could easily deal with a warrior at the second grade of Life and Death Realm. In fact, it wouldn't be too surprising if she managed to outwit a warrior at the third grade of that realm too.

However, these battles had all been pre-arranged just to train Fiona, and the players in such battles would stop before they hurt their opponent for real. She was a princess of Wind Divine Kingdom, and even if War King Wind wanted the warriors he called in to go all out, who would dare to harm her?

This kind of experiential learning, after all, did not put her on the border of life and death. Facing Zen now was also a big test for Fiona. War King Wind hoped that his beloved daughter would make the right decision, so that he wouldn't lose too much face.

Zen didn't know whether to laugh or cry when he heard Fiona begging him to admit defeat. However, as a warrior, giving up was not an option. After laughing for a moment, he replied, "I won't admit defeat even if you beg me."

Fiona was at a loss as to what to do next. She looked around searching for someone else's advice. When her gaze landed on her father, he closed his eyes. As a concerned father who wanted her to make her own way in the world, he did not want to give his daughter any hints at this point in time.

Of course, since he did not say anything, numerous other warriors came up with some ideas of their own.

As the many warriors of the Wind God Kingdom saw the expression on Fiona's face, they began to shout out loud.

"Your Highness, you can just kill him. This brat doesn't know how to appreciate favors. You showed him mercy, but he didn't appreciate it at all! Just kill him and be done with it!"

'Kill him?' Fiona bit her lips and quickly stopped herself from pondering over such an idea. Ever since she could remember being herself, she hadn't even kille

d happened just now and whatever it was, it should have been impossible.

Zen had been continuously beaten up and had no way of fighting back. This wasn't to say that he wasn't strong enough, but that the Time Law was too strong.

With the Time Law in place, the advantage of fighting a warrior at the same level was unimaginably great. Zen should have lost to Fiona very easily.

Therefore, Turner thought that even if Zen was defeated by Fiona, he would still protect him.

At the same time, Turner was curious about why Zen didn't admit defeat. 'Perhaps he is afraid that if he loses, the Harlen Divine Kingdom would abandon him and let him fall into the hands of War Emperor York, ' Turner thought. He even wanted to tell Zen with his life vitality that he would still protect him even if he lost to Fiona. After all, she had comprehended the Time Law, and Turner didn't believe that Zen could win.

In fact, no one did. And since Zen had been severely beaten by Fiona just now, Turner was feeling a bit pitiful. Just as Turner was about to stop Zen, he saw Zen dodge her attack!

Now, Turner understood what Zen was doing. This guy had actually comprehended Fiona's Time Law while he was fighting her.

What was even more terrifying was that he seemed to have comprehended quite a few of it.

War King Wind took a deep breath and then said, "We all know very well how difficult it is to comprehend the Time Law. I want to know whether this kid has really comprehended it during the battle just now, or was he already accomplished at it?"

Scott, War Emperor York, Turner, as well as numerous other warriors at the Soul Sea Realm, were all immersed in deep thought.

Time Law was one of the most difficult laws to comprehend. It was several times more difficult than the Space Law, and not a single person from the audience believed that Zen would be able to comprehend it through the Time Law Power that Fiona had displayed in such a short period of time.

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