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   Chapter 1105 Please Admit Defeat

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As a princess of Wind Divine Kingdom, Fiona rarely had a chance to showcase her true strength.

The imperial families of the four divine kingdoms all had their own secret training grounds, some of which were built using methods from the Upper World.

Never had Fiona competed with anyone in public—everyone had only judged her strength from her position in the Wind Divine Kingdom.

No one truly knew of Fiona's cultivation method, nor the laws she had comprehended.

Though they all knew her to be strong, they never expected her to be this powerful. Faced against her, Zen had no way to fight back.

Even though she had only used seventy percent of her power with that strike, the bracelet on her wrist slightly shook before vibrating intensely, releasing a great force.


A sound like a watermelon being crushed reverberated.

After that, Zen's figure suddenly fell and crashed straight into the enchanted barrier.

Fortunately, it was set up by a mighty warrior at the Soul Sea Realm. When he made impact, the barrier twisted and caved in, but the eyes of that mighty warrior flashed and he instantly restored it.

If it were any other warrior on the receiving end of that strike, it would have been difficult for him to stand back up.

Zen, however, had the fairy weapon's physique. As soon as the huge force entered his body, it turned into primordial energy that let his body recover.

Since his body had been refined into a fairy weapon, he never had the chance to refine it further. The fairy weapon's physique was still not enough to use against a warrior as mighty as Fiona. Even as he tried his best, he could only manage to convert seventy percent of the force into primordial energy, letting the rest do him damage.

Still, he was able to withstand it, sustaining only minor injuries. In his current physical condition, at least, it took mere seconds for him to recover.

Fiona's white and blue gown swayed in the wind. When she looked down at Zen, her expression filled with worry, as did her heart. Even though she held back, she thought the hit might have still been too much for him.

But in the blink of an eye, her worries were dispelled. A smile of relief replaced her expression of worry as she watched Zen jump up from the enchanted barrier.

'This little girl is really kind as a saint, ' Zen sighed inwardly.

"Hmm? You've taken a fancy to her?" Of course, Lavender didn't miss t

aw stars.


Once again, Zen's body crashed into the enchanted barrier.

Under Fiona's Time Law, Zen fell incredibly slowly. After she removed the Time Law, his speed increased astonishingly, and he smashed hard into the enchanted barrier below.

"Will you admit defeat this time?" Fiona asked with a deep frown.

"No, I won't." Wiping the blood from the corner of his mouth, he shouted, "I won't admit defeat!"

"Then come face me again!"

With that, Fiona appeared instantly in front of Zen. As the bracelet on her wrist trembled, her lily-white hand lightly brushed past him and Zen's body charged into the sky within the enchanted barrier.

This time, Fiona had used a hundred percent of her strength.

"Do you admit defeat?" As she asked once again, she was turning extremely intolerable—it was as though taking Zen down was making her extremely uncomfortable.

Puff! This time, Zen rushed directly toward the left. Once again, blood spurted from his mouth.

"Do you admit defeat?" Fiona asked again, sounding rather pleading.

"No," he replied indifferently, looking up at her.

Never did she think such a fighter existed in this world—his stubbornness was making her truly anxious at this point. Even though he was clearly no match for her, he endured with sheer willpower. After a moment, she suddenly opened her mouth and pleaded, "I'm begging you, just admit defeat!"

She didn't want to kill Zen, but he refused to admit defeat no matter how hard she struck. To other warriors, it was a simple matter—they would simply kill him.

To Fiona, however, it was an impossible hurdle.

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