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   Chapter 1104 The Powerful Princess

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"Oh? Why is that?"

Zen asked with a strange expression.

Fiona's face was filled with worry. "If you defeat me, the little monster will definitely challenge you. He's a madman, a true madman. He'll kill you," she told Zen.

He smiled at her words. She was truly worried about him given the seriousness in her tone. Fiona was indeed a pure, kind-hearted princess.

Only under the protection of the royal family would someone like her grow up to be a powerful and pure martial artist.

Zen appreciated her goodwill, "Thank you for your concern. I know what to do."

Fiona knew Zen was a person who wouldn't listen to other people's advice. She nodded and said, "Alright. I'll be making my move. Be careful!"

Zen was rendered speechless at how nice Fiona was. She actually reminded him before she launched her attack.

She was modest and obedient but her next actions caused Zen's expression to change.

Fiona raised her hand, revealing a red jade bracelet that emitted so much power. Zen felt his heart palpitate.

His eyes widened as he stared at the bracelet

"W-What treasure is this?"

Noticing the intrigued look in his eyes, Fiona temporarily halted her attack. "It was a gift from my father," she answered.

Her words rendered Zen speechless along with many of the martial artists in the square.

It was absurd but also funny.

Fiona was really just too nice. Instead of launching her attack, she actually stopped to answer her opponent's question.

"Ah, she's so cute!"

"She is the Wind Divine Kingdom's princess! Don't get any ideas!"

"Hmph, don't look down on her. Even if she tells you all her weaknesses, you're still no match for her. She may be innocent but her strength is unfathomable!"

Even War King Wind's face had an awkward expression.

"Your daughter is impressive," Turner said. "She's also very cute."

There was a slight buzz of discussion in the crowd regarding Fiona's actions. However, her next words rendered them silent.

"I like this bracelet very much. It's a semi-divine weapon," she said, gently stroking the bracelet with her hand.

A semi-divine weapon?

Even that shocked Zen.

There were certain levels when it came to weapons: a spiritual weapon, a fairy weapon, a sacr

in Fiona's Time Law, at least, for now.

Next thing he knew, Fiona was already beside him, her flaming arm ready to come down his head.

There was simply no time for Zen to react but, just as she was about to attack, Fiona stopped halfway which greatly surprised the crowd. "It'll hurt a bit if I knock you out, but it won't injure you too badly."

Her hesitation gave him time to escape. Zen travelled through space and put some distance between him and Fiona.

He had a grim expression on his face. He was able to dodge only because of her warning; however, he knew he was only delaying the inevitable attack.

"He has escaped?" But nobody could escape time. Fiona was a bit disappointed. She saw her warning as an extension of goodwill, but he actually took it as an opportunity to dodge.

She thought he was being crafty but really it was because she was simply too kind-hearted.

Still, she wasn't too bothered. She possessed the power of Time Law, so she could always just catch him again.

Fiona once again focused on changing time flow within a several hundred feet radius. Their surroundings had slowed and Zen felt as if he was moving in slow motion.

She appeared in front of him once again, her flaming palm ready to strike him down.

'I won't remind you this time, ' Fiona thought to herself.

Of course, her kind-hearted nature still won her over. Instead of unleashing her full-strength, she only used around seventy-percent of her power since she didn't want to kill Zen.

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