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   Chapter 1103 Fiona Huo

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War Emperor York, Turner, and even the ruler of the Wind Divine Kingdom all still wanted to further improve their cultivation to a higher level.

Limited by the Lower World's resources, many of the powerful martial artists of the Soul Sea Realm couldn't get past that hurdle.

Having such a special talent, the little monster naturally grabbed everyone's attention. To all the divine kingdoms, he was a real treasure.

His status gave him the privilege to be so unbridled, doing anything he wanted. No one would dare to give him any problems.

Back then, in the York Divine Kingdom, he had taken a fancy to an unsurpassed harlot in a brothel and ended up fighting a talented prince. In a fit of anger, he took the prince's life.

The prince was only second to the crown prince, above even Daniel. After he was killed, War Emperor York was utterly furious, but he didn't do anything to the little monster.

After a moment of thought, Marine looked at Zen as he floated in the air. With a bite of her lips, she finally replied, "Yes, I want you to fight in my place!"

"No problem." The little monster bared his teeth in a wicked grin. Paired with his strange black pupils, he was the embodiment of a humanoid monster. Rubbing his hands mischievously, he moved closer to Marine and began sniffing. "I want something back."

The vile-sounding words gave Marine an awful premonition. The monster must have had some preposterous ideas in mind.

"What do you want in return?" Lowering her voice, she asked anyway.

Still rubbing his hands together, the monster spoke to her through his life vitality, not letting another soul hear their exchange.

Suddenly, Marine's face reddened before she angrily scolded the creature, "Do you have a death wish, little monster?"

It wasn't a surprise for him to make such an unbearable request. At the very least, the monster knew well enough to speak of such a taboo secretly through life vitality. If anyone else had heard it, it would have made a great influence on the secret sect.

His request was rather simple. He wanted to sleep with her, just once.

How could she ever agree to such a request?

After getting the hint that she was truly angry, the little monster restrained himself. "It's fine if you don't agree to that request. But the next time the Reverse Spirit Channel opens, if there's anything good released from the Upper World, would you let me choose first?"

He spoke of the ability of the secret sect.

It was also the reason why the four divine kingdoms supported the sect. Even the rulers had to be respectful toward Marine.

Only the secret sect could connect with the humans in the Upper World. Every few years, the Upper World would distribute

that streak and become the very first empress of the four kingdoms.

But her looks were rather deceiving—she seemed weak and delicate. In fact, her demeanor was quite charming, indeed. As she gently turned around, circles of fire lotuses appeared beneath her feet. Stepping onto those fire flowers, she gracefully floated over.

After entering the enchanted barrier, she sweetly smiled, and a faint light began circulating between her eyebrows. "I am Fiona Huo!"

The introduction made Zen's brows shoot up. He didn't expect Fiona to be so polite as a princess. He replied in kind, "I am Thad Luo."

"My father said that it's shameful for a member of the royal family to fight personally. But in my opinion, my father rules the kingdom, not because of his dignity, but his true strength. If he wasn't powerful enough to convince his people, there would be no use in worrying about his image," Fiona carefully explained.

Her voice was as soft and gentle as sweet spring water. It was all too comforting to listen to.

"I couldn't agree more," Zen answered with a nod of his head.

All fame was backed by strength. Without strength, it was rootless duckweed and water without a source. A bubble reputation was never even worth mentioning.

"I wish to spar with you," Fiona said with a graceful smile.

"I am deeply honored to be able to battle with the princess of the Wind Divine Kingdom," Zen said without hesitation. Initially, Zen believed that they would begin to fight right after their conversation.

Much to his surprise, when Fiona saw the sleeping little monster in the square, a trace of fear flashed across her face. She then said to Zen, lowering her voice, "Listen, after our fight, everything will be fine if you lose. However, if you defeat me, you must pretend to have lost to me."

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