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   Chapter 1102 The Little Monster

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As soon as Logan escaped from the void, Zen came out as well.

The counterattack that Logan had launched was useless. Zen used his No Move skill to easily divert the Space Chopping Sword.

With a crisp sound, Zen threw out a strong punch.



Those moves from Zen suppressed Logan to a point where he had no chance to fight back. He had become weak.

With that punch, Logan's armor wore out some more. It was now covered with cracks as if it could break apart at any given moment.


Indeed, Logan was one of those people who refused to admit defeat before their death. He would rather die than wave the white flag.



In a situation where both sides' strength was equal, it was usually the martial artist with a more powerful will who won.

Unfortunately, when the difference in strength was too great, willpower could become insignificant.


After that particular punch, a sound like glazed tiles breaking was heard. Logan's space armor could no longer withstand the attack and shattered with a loud bang. Zen's fist landed directly on Logan's unprotected chest.

A huge force passed through Zen's fist and hit Logan in the chest. Like a falling meteor, Logan's body heavily smashed downwards.

The two of them had been fighting in the void and had already moved outside the enchanted barrier. Without the barrier, Logan had smacked into the square. As the martial artists below dodged, he crashed into the ground, creating a huge crater.

Due to the strong winds, the rising dust was blown away like smoke.

Logan's motionless body lay flat in the huge pit. No one knew whether he was dead or alive.

All of the divine-level talents of the four divine kingdoms stared blankly at him. It took them a while to accept his current condition, given his display of strength and might before that very fight against Zen.

A few divine-level talents from the Harlen and Star Field Divine Kingdoms had been defeated by Logan. Moreover, his words had affected a lot of martial artists. He was extremely talented, yet quite modest. He had all the qualifications of a warrior who everybody looked up to.

He was unrivaled among the warriors in the Virtual Tribulation Realm, and many divine-level talents could attest to that fact.

But now, his space armor had been forcefully shattered by Zen's power. He was like a dead animal lying in the pit, and it was safe to say that he had suffered a crushing defeat.

"Great! Marvelous!" Turner exclaimed.

Under Logan's suppression, Harlen Divine Kingdom had suffered a lot of humiliation. Although it didn't have an advantage in the past years, the talents of the divine kingdom were still able to compete with the others. It had never been defeated so miserably before.

However, Zen had saved its reputation. Whether he came from the Harlen Divine Kingdom or not, he passed t

m Continent, Nine Furnace Martial House was already close to the level of a seventh-grade sect, and the little monster was simply too important to them.

His importance wasn't the measure of his strength. That wasn't the case.

After all, he was only at the late stage of the Virtual Tribulation Realm. He didn't stand a chance against any mighty warrior of the Soul Sea Realm.

The Nine Furnace Martial House did not lack Life and Death Realm and Soul Sea Realm experts, but they still needed the little monster. It was because of him that the York Divine Kingdom had been so prosperous and the younger generation of martial artists had progressed so fast in the last thirty years.

He possessed an extremely special talent.

A battle against the little monster was transcendental. Any martial artist that went against him easily fell into a state of epiphany.

If a divine-level talent of the Virtual Tribulation Realm was stuck in a bottleneck, breaking through was a walk in the park when he fought with the little monster.

In addition, the little monster's talent was not only effective for Virtual Tribulation Realm martial artists. Possible, it could also work for the experts from both Life and Death and Soul Sea Realms.

Relatively, the stronger the martial artist was, the weaker the effect was going to be. When one was at the same level as War Emperor York, the effect was minute.

No matter what, almost all of the martial artists were drawn to the little monster's magical skill. Even though he was an awful creature by nature, all of the Nine Furnace Martial House still treated him like God.

Many of the Soul Sea Realm experts in the four divine kingdoms also planned to train the little monster. Currently, he was only at the late stage of Virtual Tribulation Realm, and his talent didn't have much impact on the Soul Sea Realm experts. But, what if he were to be cultivated to the Soul Sea Realm?

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