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   Chapter 1101 Suffering A Lot

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Despite Zen's extensive comprehension of space, his attempts to enter the void still proved futile.

Logan was quick to attack and also quick to disappear. Although Zen could vaguely feel Logan's presence, he could only clearly pinpoint his location just before he attacked. Zen was more or less a sitting duck.

But not for long. Zen had already mapped out a strategy in his head. Since he could only locate Logan in that split second before he attacked, Zen steeled himself and waited for his strike.

Three, four, maybe five seconds later, Zen felt a prickling sensation on his neck and he quickly determined Logan's exact position. Not wasting this opportunity, Zen deflected his opponent's strike and pushed him back into the void. However, he didn't allow Logan to go in alone. Zen also slipped through the space crack and followed his opponent inside. This was when Logan realized that he had been too careless. He thought that his sudden, unpredictable attacks would've been enough to weaken Zen but the young man was actually smart and saw through his strategy. He had opened the space crack a bit too big and had let Zen in.

The two vanished into thin air, greatly confusing the spectators back on the square. Where did the two fighters go? They stared at the sky blankly, not knowing where to find them.

It was only the powerful Soul Sea Realm masters and a few of the Life and Death Realm warriors that kept gazing at the sky as if the fight hadn't taken a strange turn at all.

To see through the void, a warrior would need to develop his or her own special skill. Turner, for example, had eyes that shone with golden light that enabled him to see through everything.

War Emperor York had eyes of the darkest night that let him do the same thing.

Others turned to their magical items. One of the powerful Soul Sea Realm masters, for example, placed a transparent crystal in front of his eyes in order to watch the battle now happening in the void.

The two warriors were currently engaged in a heated fight in the void.

Zen's entry into the void made Logan lose his composure, but only for a moment. The fact remained that this was still his territory, so with a loud battle cry, he lifted his Space Chopping Sword and brought it down upon his opponent.

An ordinary sacred weapon would stand no chance against the Space Chopping Sword. It was a good thing that Zen's sword was a top-grade sacred weapon that could go head-to-head with Logan's Space Chopping Sword.

As the two fought, Logan's handicap soon became apparent.

The martial skill he cultivated was simple, but by no means inferior. It focused on agility, strength, and precision. Logan preferred this method due to the fact that he wanted to achieve the best results using the most powerful swordsmanship technique in the shortest amount of time.

It was similar to the minimal

ately sending them to their deaths.

The warriors present here were at least at Virtual Tribulation Realm. They all stood still and patiently waited for the outcome of Zen and Logan's battle.

The powerful Soul Sea Realm masters already knew the outcome but those in the square were still clueless with the events that had transpired within the void.

"I wonder who's got the upper hand? Will Thad make it through?"

"I believe he can win…"

"I believe it too!"

The martial artists of the Harlen Divine Kingdom could only place their hopes upon Zen.

However, the warriors of the York Divine Kingdom could only laugh at their wishes.

"These warriors are too naive! Logan has comprehended the third layer of Space Law. He is invincible! How could Thad ever win this? What a joke!"

"Logan possesses the strength to fight a Life and Death Realm master. Thad is only at the Virtual Tribulation Realm so there's no way he'd win. These people are delusional!"

"Just let them be. Reality is cruel. Once Logan emerges as the victor, they'd wake up from their delusions."

Those from the York Divine Kingdom were at ease given the terrifying display of strength Logan had already shown everyone earlier.

At this moment, everyone suddenly felt a wave of energy coming from the sky. It was so strong that almost everyone immediately felt it.

"They are out!"

Everyone witnessed how a strange crack appeared in the air as a figure staggered out, evidently injured from the fight.

"The battle's over. Looks like Thad isn't a match for Lo…"

Before the York Divine Kingdom warrior could finish his sentence he realized that the miserable figure that had come out was none other than Logan!

"Logan? He looks horrible!"

The sight shocked the warriors of the York Divine Kingdom to the core.

"It's obvious he suffered a lot under Thad's hands," a warrior with sharp eyes said, shaking his head.

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