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   Chapter 1100 The Other Side Of Space

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The Space Law was such a powerful technique that Logan only needed to use two simple moves to defeat his challengers.

He traveled through space and then slashed his sword to his rival before the latter could react.

Though his strategy leaned on its simplicity, it seemed that no one was able to figure out how to dodge his attacks. Defeating the first-tier warriors from the other kingdoms was a breeze for Logan.

After all, the Space Law wasn't that easy to grasp. Most people had not the slightest knowledge about it, let alone knew how to cultivate or apply it. When Logan managed to comprehend the third layer of the Space Law, his strength was able to surpass other warriors of the same level.

As he traveled through space during his attack on Zen, he was surprised to witness how his rival had also disappeared right before him. He felt the familiar power of the Space Law.

"So he knows the Space Law, too…"

Logan was startled by that revelation. He hastily swung his Space Chopping Sword but missed.

There was a hint of sarcasm on Zen's face as he looked at Logan from where he stood. They weren't that far away from each other.

Seeing Zen's expression, Logan's face flushed with anger. When did any warrior with the same cultivation level dare mock him? In addition, Zen was only at the middle stage of the Virtual Tribulation Realm.

The crowd began discussing their shared surprise. "I never expected that this Thad is also proficient in the Space Law! I bet he has grasped the second layer of it at least!"

"But Logan has already comprehended the third layer of the Space Law! I wonder who comes out of this battle victorious!"

"So what if it's the third layer? I don't think Logan has completely comprehended the third layer. He has grasped ten percent of it at most, so his advantage isn't that colossal. Ultimately, their fighting abilities shall decide the outcome!"

"If Thad doesn't use his soul attack to crush Logan, I think his chance of winning is still slim."

Many of the divine-level geniuses gasped in awe when they witnessed Zen's own usage of the Space Law. They believed that he was one lucky kid. Not only did he possess a strong soul, but he also practiced the most formidable of all — the Space Law.

"Seems like I need to take you more seriously," Logan said, renouncing all of his contempt by tightening his grip on the Space Chopping Sword.

"Aren't you serious enough?"

Zen smiled. He knew that he was getting on Logan's last nerve.

"Die!" Logan yelled in gritted teeth.

Taking another step forward, he disappeared once again.

"Wait, what?" Zen's eyes widened with how quick he was. He couldn't sense any of Logan's breath, too. For a moment there, it seemed that he completely disappeared from the world.

Zen knew that it could be one of the abilities a warrior could possess after grasping the third la

l allowed him to see through illusions and detect subtle changes and movements around him.

Logan's strategy of traveling through the void with the thought of assassinating him did shake Zen a little. However, he still had a way to solve that problem.

When Zen had fully activated his magic vision, the entire world became green in his eyes. Even if Logan was walking on the other side of space, it was impossible that he didn't leave tracks.

Thanks to his magic vision, Zen noticed a tiny black line extending through the air. It was a trajectory left behind by Logan's movement throughout the void.

This black line could not be seen with the naked eyes nor be detected with soul perception as well. However, it was clear as day through Zen's magic vision.

It was of utmost importance to be stealthy at all times. So instead of just focusing on the strange line, Zen kept glancing around and pretended that he didn't notice Logan's movements at all.

Meanwhile, Logan was also getting on full guard against Zen. He cautiously circled around him before he slowly approached from upfront. It seemed that he wanted to attack him by surprise from his front view.

As the black line drew closer, Zen's face started to grow hesitant. As it got close enough, he suddenly revealed a sly smile as he forcefully thrust his sword forward.

The timing was perfect. His weapon collided against Logan's Space Chopping Sword.

Since Logan had just come out of the void, he had left a space crack behind him which was just enough for a person to pass through. Zen took advantage of this opportunity as he, not only forced Logan back, but followed him into the space crack as well.

Previously, the Soul Sea Realm masters had created an enchanted barrier for the battles between the Virtual Tribulation Realm warriors. But now, both of them had disappeared from the arena where they were supposed to showcase their fight.

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