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   Chapter 1099 The Battle Began

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Where there were people, there was also struggle. The four great divine kingdoms were closely related and mutually dependent on each other. There had never occurred a large scale war among them.

However, that didn't mean they didn't compete with each other.

On the other hand, because the four divine kingdoms maintained a close relationship with each other and couldn't annex each other's territories into their own, the covert competition among them got intense.

It was also the reason why the divine kingdoms had established so many martial houses. Each one of them was interested in cultivating new talents.

As the ruler of the Harlen Divine Kingdom, Turner was aware of how valuable Zen was. Although he still hadn't seen Zen's true strength, he knew that Zen was at the middle stage of the Virtual Tribulation Realm and that his soul was close to the Jasper Fighting Soul Realm. It meant that he had become very powerful.

Turner spoke kindly, but he wasn't afraid of War Emperor York.

In the past few years, the York Divine Kingdom had developed the most. It was ranked first among all kingdoms in terms of overall strength, while the Harlen Divine Kingdom, being the weakest, was ranked fourth.

Still, if the strength of the divine kingdom kings were to be compared, Turner was not so inferior to Lucien.

Hearing what Turner said, Lucien grew annoyed. "Turner, what do you mean?"

"My meaning is clear," he replied calmly. "No matter if he is Zen or Thad, he is the member of the Harlen Divine Kingdom, for he is from the Jade Martial House of the Harlen Divine Kingdom!"

A trace of a cold smile appeared on Lucien's face. He harrumphed, saying, "Since you say it like that, does it mean that my son died in vain?"

The corner of Turner's mouth curled up slightly as he responded to this accusation. "If I'm not wrong, Lucien, you have more than twenty thousand descendants, right?"

Some divine kingdom rulers were fond of women and had many sons. Each ruler had fathered a great many number, for as leaders of the kingdoms, the more sons they had, the better it was for them. Only then would they be able to choose an outstanding one to be heir to the throne.

However, Lucien had more sons than the other divine kingdom rulers. He was extremely fond of women. His imperial harem stretched over a million square miles, equivalent to a medium-sized city. Tens of thousands of beauties were a part of it.

The number of princes his wives had given him was probably close to twenty thousand. He probably didn't even remember the names of all his sons...

The princes weren't worth a lot in the divine kingdom.

They all had to rely on talent and strength alone in order to prove themselves and be in their father's good graces. Most princes of inferior talent were eliminated cruelly

ind his speculation was simple. The Sky Northern Region was a poor place, so it was impossible to cultivate a weapon refiner there who was capable of refining a top-grade sacred weapon. There might be a few of those there, but none of them could have found the materials required to refine a top-grade sacred weapon in the Sky Northern Region.

Turner was a weapon refiner himself. He was well aware of the costs involved in forging a top-grade sacred weapon.

Randy nodded. "I understand. However, Thad is a good, kind man, and we get along well with each other. We have a similar character and the same hobbies. Therefore, I gave him the life stones as a gift."

"Well done. If a person like him is willing to stay in our Harlen Divine Kingdom, the benefits he would bring to us in the future are incalculable," Turner said.

Listening on to this conversation between Randy and Turner, the crown prince, Bram, sunk in his seat, visibly displeased.

Bram and Randy Zhou had competed for a long time, and now Randy Zhou had become the Lord. Even though Bram was the heir to the throne, he knew the competition between Randy and himself had not yet ended. Unless he could step into the Soul Sea Realm in the future and his father stepped down from the throne, Randy still had the chance to fight him for the position as the heir to the throne.

And now, Bram's hopes seemed to be dashing. The nervousness that Zen's presence brought him could be well imagined.

While they were talking, the battle began.

Logan had toned down his contempt. He manifested layers of space armor while the Space Chopping Sword in his hand swung in the space. It was as if countless ripples broke through the surface of air, emitting rays of various colors in the sunlight.

Logan took a step forward and a string of figures appeared in the sky. Strangely, he then materialized next to Zen.

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