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   Chapter 1098 Determined To Protect Zen (Part Two)

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But the mere fact that Zen's soul was close to the Jasper Fighting Soul Realm made them incredibly jealous. They didn't want to believe what they were seeing and hearing!

It was similar to a story about a group of young people, all in the same age, who were in the same starting line together. Every day, they would earn the same amount of money, but occasionally, one of them would earn twice as much. Every other person would get jealous, but since that was a normal occurrence, they would just carry on and try to earn as much as the guy who earned twice.

However, one day, a person suddenly appeared. This fellow was around the same age as them, and his cultivation level was also around the same as theirs. However, in the end, he had earned a hundred, even a thousand times more money than them. How could everyone accept that lying down?

Despite that, they still didn't have the courage to try harder and catch up to what the new fellow had already earned.

The three powerful masters at the Soul Sea Realm of the Jade Martial House were more surprised at War Emperor York's words. They had seen Zen's strength before and they knew what he was capable of. Not only did he have an outstanding level of comprehension towards the laws, but his own strength had also reached a terrifyingly high level. But now, the three of them had discovered that Zen's soul was that powerful. Zen was indeed a flawless warrior!

They then started to wonder: in the future, after he broke through and reached the Soul Sea Realm, how terrifying would his strength be?

The eyes of crown prince Bram were firmly fixed on Zen. 'A soul close to the Jasper Fighting Soul Realm… How could this be? And why? Alas, if I could w

ien had suddenly made a move and used his soul to attack Zen. Unexpectedly, Zen's soul wasn't weaker than his at all.

With that revelation, his intent to kill Zen became stronger than ever. If he used life vitality to crush Zen, he surely wouldn't survive. 'Zen wouldn't be able to survive!' Turner thought to himself, doubts starting to creep up on him.

It would be a different case if such an extraordinary talent hadn't appeared in the Harlen Divine Kingdom. But now that he had already arrived and everyone knew of his existence, Turner had to protect him at all risks.


Turner's figure flashed and soon he was standing between Zen and War Emperor York. After a few moments of silence, he calmly said to War Emperor York, "Lucien, it's enough. As a king, don't you think it's a bit too much to attack a kid like that? It doesn't matter if he's Zen Luo or Thad Luo-- he's a member of our Harlen Divine Kingdom!"

Turner looked firm as he said this. The meaning behind his words was crystal clear. It didn't matter if Zen had killed the prince of York Divine Kingdom or not - Turner was determined to protect him at all cost!

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