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   Chapter 1097 Determined To Protect Zen (Part One)

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The only excuse that the audience could think of to explain what was currently happening before their eyes was that War Emperor York had unexpectedly shown immense mercy to Zen. He couldn't have gone all out to attack Zen.

After the Soul Sea was created by martial artists, they created a world within their body in order to make it easier for them to cultivate their souls.

The resources of the Lower World were scarce. It was completely incomparable to what the Upper World had. In the Lower World, the means for martial artists to cultivate their souls weren't that many.

In the Upper World, many talented martial artists could cultivate their souls and make their souls enter the Fighting Soul Realm while they were at the Virtual Tribulation Realm or Life and Death Realm. In the Lower World, however, many martial artists could only cultivate their souls and make their souls reach the Fighting Soul Realm after they had created the Soul Sea and had reached the Soul Sea Realm.

Zen was a shining exception to this.

From a certain point of view, however, this was not totally unexpected. First of all, Zen did not cultivate his soul in the Lower World. He had actually relied on the Dragon Soar Arena to ascend to the Genuine Dragon World. It was in that place that he had gone through the Owl Beast devil spirit's test, and that made it possible for his soul to improve rapidly. Moreover, he was able to absorb a significant amount of soul force and that helped his soul to reach the Fighting Soul Realm.

In the Lower World, the most powerful warriors at the Soul Sea Realm would easily suppress all the Life and Death Realm warriors. The gap between their level of soul was vastly enormous.

Only after reaching the Fighting Soul Realm could

agon River were basically the divine-level talents of the four divine kingdoms. Moreover, they were talents of the first tier and the second tier. There were rarely any third tier warriors among them.

These divine-level talents even had a high possibility of stepping into the Soul Sea Realm in the future! But then, in the end, that was just a possibility. There still weren't many warriors who had been able to reach the Soul Sea Realm.

Despite this, nothing had stopped them from being conceited. After all, they were the best warriors in the four divine kingdoms!

But at this moment, nothing could stop them from being shocked. Zen's glaringly formidable strength wasn't the main source of their surprise, however. After all, there were many ways to gauge a martial artist's strength: cultivation method, strength, speed, cultivation level, and soul…

The soul was just one aspect.

Just like what War Emperor York had said, Zen's soul was indeed strong, like it was close to the Jasper Fighting Soul Realm, incomparable to all of theirs. However, this did not mean that Zen's all other aspects were very strong. After all, he had not shown his real strength yet.

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