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   Chapter 1096 Strange

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Marine nodded and said, "Your Majesty, I am not mistaken!"

The eyes of War Emperor York flashed like two poisonous snakes as he stared at Zen. He had already been convinced by the Holy Maiden but now that the man in front of him was a representative of the Harlen Divine Kingdom, he couldn't act rashly. He controlled himself before asking the question he was dreading the answer to, "Kid, did you kill my son Daniel?"

Zen shrugged, his face stoic as he replied, "I don't know who Daniel is, nor do I know this woman. And I definitely don't know what you're talking about!"

Turner couldn't contain himself any more. Two of his men from the Harlen Divine Kingdom had been defeated. Not only the crown prince had recommended Thad to fight, even Randy had thought highly of him. Now that Thad was being questioned by War Emperor York, he could no longer remain silent as the king of the Harlen Divine Kingdom.

"Lucien Liu, Thad belongs to our Harlen Divine Kingdom. He has already said that he is not the person you are looking for. Isn't it inappropriate to make things difficult for him like this?" Turner asked patiently.

Lucien Liu was the name of the War Emperor York. The entire York Divine Kingdom belonged to the Liu Clan. In theory, the York Divine Kingdom could be considered an eighth grade noble clan.

Randy paled a little. He knew that Zen's origins were shrouded in mystery and someone with such talent couldn't have been a nameless person before. Randy and the crown prince had already secretly investigated Zen's identity and background and both had received shocking news about him - he did not come from the Harlen Divine Kingdom.

Since they hadn't been able to find any information about Thad, they began investigating the guard standing with Zen. The result of this investigation puzzled them even more. This Life and Death Realm warrior called Francis actually belonged to the York Divine Kingdom and was also a steward of the secret sect.

Such results made Zen's identity seem all the more confusing. Of course, not that Randy cared much about Zen's identity, but the key was that Zen could help Randy, and that was enough for him.

As to the crown prince...

Now, Bram was sure that what Marine had said was true. This fellow, who went by the name Thad must be from the Central Region.

The crown prince, Bram, had wanted Zen to represent him in battle, but Zen hadn't moved an inch, making it clear to Bram that he wasn't going to listen to him. So of course, Bram wouldn't come forward to speak for Zen. But he wouldn't step up to expose Zen's identity either. After all, Zen now fought for and represented the Harlen Divine Kingdom. It was impossible for Bram to do something that would put the Harlen Divine Kingdom at a disadvantage. If he did, his father would be greatly disappointed.

Yet, right after Turner finished speaking, War Emperor York ignored him and snorted coldly. He looked at Zen and said, "I don't need you to speak the truth. I will searc

Turner sighed softly and said, "Okay, Lucien Liu. No matter what, he represents our Harlen Divine Kingdom. Do not destroy his life energy! Let him live!"

If Zen's soul was completely destroyed, his life energy would be gone. But it was possible that if Zen's shattered soul remained in his mind, he would not die. Instead, he would become a simpleton. Turner had had no time to stop Lucien from attacking Zen, so he could only ask Lucien to spare his life.

It was better to become a simpleton than to become dead.

But just as soon as Turner finished talking, a strange expression crossed Lucien's face. He stared at Zen firmly.

The situation had become entangled in a tight deadlock for a while. Many of the powerful warriors at the Soul Sea Realm noticed that something was wrong.

It was not only Turner who felt something strange, but also Scott from the Star Field Divine Kingdom as well as War King Wind from the Wind Divine Kingdom. They were all confused and stared oddly at Zen before looking over at War Emperor York.

Thad's eyes were clear and full of spirit. It looked like he wasn't hurt.

What was going on?

Could it be that War Emperor York had saved his strength?

This was impossible. The four kings had been on their thrones for so many years, and they knew each other's tempers very well.

War Emperor York Lucien Liu had always been sullen, extremely cold-blooded and arrogant. If he chose to make a move, there was absolutely no possibility of him holding back at all.

However, Thad seemed to be safe and sound. What had happened?

Back on the stairs, many powerful warriors of the Soul Sea Realm had puzzled looks on their faces, unable to understand the situation at all.

As time passed, not only did the powerful masters at the Soul Sea Realm feel that something was wrong, even the Life and Death Realm warriors and the other Virtual Tribulation Realm warriors had sensed Zen's abnormality.

Zen didn't seem to have been harmed even a little.

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