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   Chapter 1095 You Are Zen Luo (Part Two)

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So now, when she heard Randy call out the name "Thad Luo," her gaze immediately landed on that person. Granted that two years had already passed and Zen's face had become somewhat unfamiliar to her, a person's spirit and aura could not be changed.

Moreover, the fellow's surname was also Luo.

'Thad Luo? Zen Luo?'

A cold smile suddenly appeared on Marine Bai's face. She slowly walked to the edge of the platform and floated into the air, staring at Zen with eyes full of hatred.

When War Emperor York saw Marine Bai fly out for no reason, a strange expression appeared on his face. "Holy Maiden, what are you doing?" he asked.

Marine Bai turned to him slowly. With a smile, she replied, "Your Majesty, I've discovered something that is really interesting."

"Something interesting?" War Emperor York's brows furrowed. Confusion was evident on his face.

"Mmm hmm." Marine Bai just nodded and then once again turned to Zen. Coldly, she said, "Thad Luo? Humph, you should be called Zen Luo right?"

Since Zen had chosen the path wherein he could be easily recognized, he had naturally anticipated that the Holy Maiden would recognize him. With that, he had already come up with a few plans.

He originally wanted to fly into the enchanted barrier in order to challenge Logan. Logan's face was already filled with contempt as he waited for Zen to come. His thoughts were pretty much the same as the other warriors—because the Harlen Divine Kingdom really had no other mighty warriors, they found and sent a warrior at the middle stage of Virtual Tribulation Realm to challenge him.

After Marine Bai opened her mouth and spoke, Zen looked up at her and mirrored the strange look on her face. He then smiled and said, "My real name is Thad Luo. Who is 'Zen Luo' and why do yo

e or not, I will kill him," Logan said, a confident smile on his lips.

Marine Bai's face showed a hint of hesitation as she tilted her head slightly. Suddenly, her eyes lit up as she turned to face War Emperor York. "Your Majesty, I'm sure this guy is Zen Luo from the Sky Northern Region. He was the one who killed Daniel! If you do not believe me, you can ask Elder Gong!"

When they entered the celestial tomb, Daniel Liu had a total of five bodyguards at the Life and Death Realm by his side. After learning about the death of his son, War Emperor York was angered and killed the four bodyguards without hesitation. As for Elder Gong, he had been exempted from death because he had performed deeds of valor in the past.

At this time, Marine Bai could only ask Elder Gong to identify Zen.

"Holy Maiden, are you sure this is the person who killed my child back then?" When he heard Marine Bai's words, War Emperor York's originally gloomy face turned even grimmer.

Actually, Marine Bai's sudden appearance was a bit rash and rude. But according to War Emperor York's understanding, although her personality was a little off, she wouldn't be talking nonsense in such a situation.

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