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   Chapter 1094 You Are Zen Luo (Part One)

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The Holy Maiden of the York Divine Kingdom was named Marine Bai. The Bai Clan was a relatively unknown clan in the York Divine Kingdom, but ever since Marine Bai was born and had been chosen as the Holy Maiden of the secret sect, they had risen to fame.

Back then, Daniel Liu, the prince of the York Divine Kingdom, whose talent was ranked ninth within the divine kingdom, had obtained an enchanted lamp from the celestial tomb. The lamp was something that a commoner had given to him.

It was said that there existed a total of nine enchanted lamps in the entire world. Once all of them were lighted, those who held them would be able to enter the celestial tomb.

Despite waiting for so many years, Daniel Liu had never seen the passageway to the celestial tomb activated. Through time, even Marine Bai had started being curious about it. On the third day of the third month every year, she and Daniel Liu would light the lamp together. At first, they were hopeful, but as time passed, their faith waned. She never imagined that a passageway would actually appear.

Due to the two of them not having expected what happened, they weren't prepared at all. Because of that, they hurriedly invited a few guards at the Life and Death Realm to enter the celestial tomb with them.

Who would have thought that Daniel Liu's life would be taken away during that trip to the celestial tomb? This matter caused a great stir within the York Divine Kingdom.

After all, a prince had died. Even though War Emperor York had many sons and daughters, Daniel Liu's talent was still ranked ninth out of the entire York Divine Kingdom. He could be easily considered as one of the most outstanding princes in the divine kingdom.

What made the whole thing worse was how a nobody from the Sky Northern Region actually dared to go against the York Divine Kingdom!

Any mighty warrior at the Soul Sea Realm from the York Divi

r Master Wallace nor Master Abraham sent back a single word before their life tokens broke into pieces.

The sudden extermination of the two mighty warriors threw the whole upper echelon of the York Divine Kingdom in chaos. Despite that, they still hadn't made any moves yet. If something really happened in the Sky Northern Region, they probably wouldn't be able to investigate even if they sent another two warriors at the Soul Sea Realm there.

As a result, they kept the deaths of the two warriors as a secret from the civilians. They planned on first exploring the Feather Holy Sea before thinking about how to deal with it. The storms above the Chaotic Ocean of Stars would calm down every once in a few years, and when the storms subsided next time, it wouldn't be too late to form a team of warriors at the Soul Sea Realm to explore the Sky Northern Region. If some powerful warriors had really appeared there, then they could just annihilate all the living beings in the entire region.

Although Marine Bai still wanted to kill Zen, the lives of two warriors at the Soul Sea Realm that had been shockingly taken were more important. She couldn't just send more people to the Sky Northern Region, and so she could only wait for the day to finally get rid of him.

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