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   Chapter 1093 Zen's Turn To Fight (Part Two)

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At her words, Bram's face flashed with hostility.

In addition to the royal family, there was also a large secret sect in the York Divine Kingdom. The Holy Maiden was the most important person in the sect, and her status was as high as that of the crown prince in the York Divine Kingdom. Sometimes what she said was even more useful than the words of the crown prince himself.

After all, if the crown prince wanted to ascend to the throne, he would first have to wait for his father to abdicate himself, or worse yet, die. Moreover, he had to step into the Soul Sea Realm before he was allowed to take on the throne. It would take thousands or even ten thousand years before his father abdicated, and it was very difficult for him to reach the Soul Sea Realm.

However, if a woman was chosen to be a Holy Maiden by the secret sect, she would be able to command the secret sect of the York Divine Kingdom and would possess an extraordinary status.

Bram smiled coldly and once again looked at Zen. Although he didn't believe that Zen could defeat Logan, he didn't want anyone to think that there was no powerful martial artist in his kingdom either.

"Who said that no one in my kingdom can fight?" Bram suddenly asked coldly. He then turned his head and told Zen who was standing in the square, "Thad Luo, fight for me!"

When Zen suddenly heard Bram call out his name, his eyebrows slightly furrowed. His gaze landed on Randy. Randy slightly shook his head while Zen slightly nodded his head but did not reply.

Lots of martial artists were standing in the square. They had never heard of this name, so they didn't know who the crown prince wa

at this person is strong enough, I'm sure he really has some skills!"

"So what? Compared to all Virtual Tribulation Realm martial artists, Logan is basically invincible. What can this guy do? After all, this Thad is only at the middle stage of the Virtual Tribulation Realm. I bet he can't take even a single blow from Logan."

When the martial artists on the square saw that Zen was just at the middle stage of the Virtual Tribulation Realm, they began to discuss among themselves animatedly. They all thought that the Harlen Divine Kingdom didn't have any stronger martial artists, so Zen had been dispatched.

At this moment, many of the powerful martial artists at the Soul Sea Realm also had weird looks on their faces.

The crown prince had recommended Zen, but Zen hadn't responded. After Randy had successfully invited Zen, Turner had an expectant look on his face. But once he realized that Zen had just reached the middle stage of the Virtual Tribulation Realm, he was quite disappointed.

The Holy Maiden of the York Divine Kingdom was staring at Zen with a puzzled expression too.

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