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   Chapter 1092 Zen's Turn To Fight (Part One)

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After Edwin was defeated, except for Lord Randy and the crown prince himself, not a single powerful martial artist was present to grace the history of Harlen Divine Kingdom.

The first tier of the divine kingdom continent was composed of the most outstanding divine-level talents. Such talented people were extremely rare and people who could match the best of them were impossible to find.

There was a huge gap between the strength of the first tier and the second tier. Even the most powerful martial artists of the second tier itself would be instantly killed by Logan alone, so it was useless to dispatch them.

The crown prince, who went by the name Bram, had never witnessed Zen's strength. Back when the latter had passed the examination of the Jade Martial House, Bram was not present, but Gregory had personally informed him that an independent warrior who had appeared in the martial house possessed the qualification to be ranked at the first tier. This was a highly improbable truth and the crown prince's curiosity was aroused.

Without doubt, he was in dire need of such a talent, so he rushed to Crane City. At that time, he had thought that it would be easy to win over Zen since Gregory had told him that Randy had already become enemies with Zen.

However, he did not expect Randy to break in.

Judging from Gregory's description, Bram only had a rough estimate of Zen's strength. He was probably almost on a par with Gregory, maybe even a bit stronger. Even if he fought, he probably wouldn't be Logan's match.

However, this wasn't the crux of the problem. The key was, would Zen listen to his orders? What if he asked Zen to fight and Zen refused? What would he do then?

When Randy saw the crown prince lost in thought, a sneer rose from the corner of his mouth. He knew that it was time for him to stand out. The Harlen Divine Kingdom had

have to personally fight Logan.

At his words, Turner's lips hardened and an angry mask shadowed his face. He thought to himself, 'This is too much! He obviously knows the answer, but he asked that question deliberately to humiliate me! He's giving me a hard time!'

This match was just a review before the exploration of secret lands. It was like an appetizer. The words of War Emperor York were a bit too much.

The anger on Turner's face disappeared. War Emperor York was right. He really didn't have any good ideas. Was he really going to let the crown prince fight? It was feasible, but even if the crown prince won, it wouldn't be something honorable. Losing would be even more humiliating.

If he was defeated, then what qualifications would he have left to be allowed to succeed the throne?

Therefore, Turner had to think prudently before he appointed the crown prince to fight.

Just then, the Holy Maiden of the York Divine Kingdom twisted her body and walked to her emperor. She giggled and giddily asked, "As far as I know, only Edwin and Gregory of the Harlen Divine Kingdom are qualified, barely! Now that their arms have been cut off by Logan, who is going to fight next? Is it Lord Randy? Or the crown prince himself?"

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