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   Chapter 1091 An Invincible Opponent

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Even though he had received the praise of the emperor of York Divine Kingdom, Logan could only smile before asking, "Who else wants to challenge me?"

Ever since Logan first wielded his Space Chopping Sword, two people already had their arms chopped off. The initial excitement of the Virtual Tribulation Realm martial artists disappeared and the crowd turned silent.

It wasn't that they lacked self-confidence. Out of all the martial artists of the divine kingdoms who could stand on the first tier, which one of them wasn't an outstanding character of their respective martial house? If they didn't have absolute confidence in themselves, they wouldn't be able to stand on the first tier.

However, Logan was just too outstanding, causing the talents on the first tier to hesitate.

It would've been fine if they won, but what if they lost?

They still had to head toward the Feather Holy Sea. Losing arms wasn't a big problem, but they wouldn't be able to return to peak condition in a short period, so it would be quite a burden along the journey.

In the very beginning, the match had only been held for entertainment before entering the Feather Holy Sea. But after many years of evolution, it had slowly turned into a battle among the young warriors of the four divine kingdoms, giving them a chance to show off their strength.

Even so, compared to exploring the secret lands within the Feather Holy Sea, it wasn't all that important.

With that, many of the first tier talents began to retreat.

What they didn't know was that the imperial members on the stairs were beginning to get angry. Although the Soul Sea Realm masters kept quiet, they were inwardly unhappy with Logan and War Emperor York.

Once again, the Star Field Divine Kingdom was defeated. This time, it was the Wind and Harlen Divine Kingdoms' turn.

The emperor of the Wind Divine Kingdom didn't say a word, nor did the crown prince and the other princes behind him.

Turner, the emperor of Harlen Divine Kingdom, scanned over Randy and the crown prince Bram, his eyes flashing. Even in his silence, his gaze told them everything.

Under such a gaze, Randy felt his heart heat up in nervousness. Just as he was about to recommend Zen, Bram was already one step ahead. In a clear voice, he said, "Edwin Xiao will fight on my behalf!"

Randy's gaze turned cold at his words, but he remained silent.

'Since you're determined to make a comeback, just do it. Edwin is your last chess piece. If he's defeated or even loses an arm, it will be a huge blow to your team. You'll face many difficulties exploring the secret lands. Let's see if you will fight personally after Edwin loses, ' Randy thought to himself.

Indeed, Bram was rather anxious. He spoke highly of Edwin and Gregory, and he wanted to prove himself in front of Turner. He wanted to prove that he had good judgment and skill in controlling others. But Gregory let him down, having been so easily defeated in battle.

Now, Edwin was the only one he could place his hopes on.

The Dark Martial House was the largest martial house in the entire Harlen Divine Kingdom. Although it was considered a sixth-grade force like the Jade Martial House, the latter co


"Cut the crap!" Holding his spear with one hand and pressing the spear's body with the other, he swept his fingers along the spear.


Then, he lifted his spear. The weapon seemed to have a mind of its own as it turned into a snake, coiling around Edwin, with its tip pointing right at Logan.

A smile hung on Logan's lips as he gently waved the Space Chopping Sword in his hand. In the next moment, he struck a second time.

After Edwin activated the spirit of the spear, it was like a beast with a keen sense of smell, attacking Logan the moment he got close.


The tip of the spear pierced Logan's body, but just then, the space armor covered his body once again.

With that defense, the spear only left a deep mark on his space armor. It couldn't completely penetrate it. Rather, it was impossible to break through in a single strike.

Seeing this scene, the expressions of the Harlen Divine Kingdom's martial artists seemed to turn grim.

Originally, everyone was sure that Logan would be unable to condense the space armor after he had condensed the Space Chopping Sword. Presumably, he just believed it to be unnecessary.

But this fellow possessed invulnerable space armor, as well as the Space Chopping Sword that could slice through anything in its path. How could they hope to defeat him? It was no exaggeration to say that their odds were slim to none.

Just as they all thought, Logan, whose attitude began to take a serious turn, simply gave up on dodging and defense, allowing Edwin's long spear to pierce him. Meanwhile, the Space Chopping Sword in his hand continued to slide into space and slash at Edwin.

A third strike, a fourth strike, and then a fifth strike…

After the fifth strike, Logan slid to the side. With a spray of blood in the air, another arm fell from the sky.

The crown prince's gaze flickered unsteadily. Disappointment was evident in his eyes as his brows creased. What should he do? Was he really going to fight on his own?

At that moment, his gaze suddenly landed on a somewhat skinny figure on the square. It was Zen, with his eyes fixed on the battle.

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