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   Chapter 1090 Four Strikes (Part Two)

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The Space Chopping Sword was like an invisible venomous snake that charged ferociously towards Willard.

The expression on Willard's face shifted drastically. He was scared. He had used all his skills as he forcefully swerved in the air. However, the sword was able to graze past his neck and sliced off a large portion of his thick, long hair.

Instead of showing his disappointment, Willard showed his smiling face. After all, he still avoided Logan's second strike.

"You've dodged the second strike! Well done, Willard!"

"One more! One more strike to avoid and you will make it!"

"Come on, Willard! You got this!"

the martial artists from the Star Field Divine Kingdom all exclaimed. All of them also knew that Willard was only trying to get past the first three strikes. He knew quite well that more was coming.

At the top of the steps, the crown prince of the Wind Divine Kingdom who had remained silent for the most part, coldly looked at the cheering martial artists and said, "A bunch of idiots!"

A lot of other warriors shared the same thoughts as Zen. What could happen after Willard dodged those three strikes? He couldn't keep up like that. He didn't stand a chance to win.

Very quickly, Logan launched his third strike.

The Space Chopping Sword directly swung past Willard's back but was only able to slice a huge cut on his robe. With just one twist of his body, Willard had successfully dodged the third strike. So far, he had not yet been injured.

"Three strikes! You weren't able to triumph over me in just three strikes! You were wrong! You can't defeat me in just three strikes!" The joy Willard expressed made it seem as if he had won at that moment. He was laughing loudly, and his face lit up with extreme excitement.

Before he could continue rejoicing, the Space Chopping Sword followed him like a shadow. A trace of Space Chopping Sword pass

th and advantages of the martial artists of the Upper World.

Although Logan didn't say anything about the warriors of the Upper World, how could the many Virtual Tribulation Realm martial artists not get the implication of his words?

In front of the martial artists from the four divine kingdoms, he wasn't shy of his pride. However, thinking about the masters in the Upper World humbled him greatly. Only when he was compared to the Upper World talents could he be considered weak.

Logan's words echoed throughout the inner thoughts of many powerful masters of the Soul Sea Realm.

Those who had lived for ten thousand years shared one great regret in their hearts. All of them weren't able to ascend to the Upper World.

In the four divine kingdoms, they could undeniably dominate a place. But as martial artists, their pursuit was not limited in that continent. Moreover, being in the Soul Sea Realm wasn't enough for them.

Therefore, after living for about ten thousand years, many powerful masters at the Soul Sea Realm had left the Divine Kingdom Continent to search for more opportunities in the endless mysterious seas. They even wanted to find ways to enter other great worlds.

Up until now, no one at the Soul Sea Realm had succeeded.

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