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   Chapter 1089 Four Strikes (Part One)

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In the Star Field Divine Kingdom, there were a total of six talents who managed to enter the first tier.

Despite Titus' defeat, a lot of warriors were still ready to fight. After all, those six warriors didn't include people from the royal family of the Star Field Divine Kingdom. The likes of its kingdom's crown prince had a sure spot in the first tier rank.

The Harlen Divine Kingdom, which Zen happened to be a part of, was weak compared to the others. Apart from Randy and the crown prince Bram, only Gregory and Edwin were most likely to enter the first tier. In addition, Gregory had already been defeated. Technically, they only had Edwin left who could fight the battle.

Of course, that was what the other divine kingdoms thought about the situation of the Harlen Divine Kingdom. Zen had only made an exhibition of his abilities in the Jade Martial House, but he did not reveal too much of his strength. The other three divine kingdoms didn't even know of his existence.

Under the command of the crown prince of the Star Field Divine Kingdom, the martial artist named Willard Yue showed up to battle.

If Willard Yue was to be defeated by Logan, then the Star Field Divine Kingdom had lost to Logan twice after Titus.

As someone whom the crown prince of Star Field Divine Kingdom had highly recommended, Willard had to win. If he was to lose again, then the reputation of their kingdom could suffer.

However, the martial artists from the Star Field Divine Kingdom seemed to be very confident in Willard's strength. After he rushed up to the enchanted barrier in the sky, his fellow warriors were once again seething with excitement and hope.

The warriors from Wisteria Martial House were the most pumped. Even Willard wasn't exactly from their house, they had great expectations for him. As someone who came from the same kingdom, he could help save the Wisteria Martial House's reputation if he defeated Logan.

plan in his heart. Since Logan had boasted that he would defeat him with three strikes, then he needed to avoid those first.

So instead of facing Logan's first strike, he chose to escape.


Since he was well-known for his speed, Willard had extraordinary bodily movements, too. Logan's first strike was only able to cut a little piece from the hems of Williard's robe, nothing more.

Then, he began to spin in high speed inside the enchanted barrier. His intention was obvious. It was to avoid Logan's Space Chopping Sword.

Seeing this scene, Zen couldn't help but slightly shake his head. As the saying went, "A brave hero always wins the most fierce competition." If one didn't even have the courage to face the enemy head-on, then how could he win? Could it be that this fellow expected that Logan would let him go after three strikes? He was too naive.

The three strikes that Logan mentioned were only to show off his power and to give Willard a little bit of pressure. Furthermore, he didn't mention that he would admit defeat if he failed to take Willard down after three strikes.


Despite Willard's rapid movements, Logan was quite seasoned in Space Law. He only needed to take a single step to catch up with Willard and strike him with his sword.

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