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   Chapter 1088 Space Chopping Sword (Part Two)

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And he would keep working hard in order to gain recognition for his strength. Besides, the crown prince himself put his trust in him, so he had to win. One ultimate skill wasn't enough to deter his resolve.

"Did you hear that?" Logan asked indifferently. "My Space Chopping Sword was made to cut your limbs. If you want, you can leave behind one of your hands and I'll let you go."


A loud, resounding crack echoed from the stairs. The crown prince had smacked the ironwood armrest of his wheelchair, reducing the entire contraption into dust. Still, he remained seated as he floated in the air.

The eunuch beside him was quick to react and fetched another wheelchair for him. He placed it carefully under the crown prince. The crown prince tutted. "Logan is too presumptuous!" he said and settled lightly onto the wheelchair.

The rulers of the divine kingdoms could only smile at the crown prince's actions. There was no need for them to interfere since the younger members were the ones to handle the matters of the younger generation.

Other important figures were also seated on the platform on top of the stairs. There was the crown prince of the York Divine kingdom along with the Holy Maiden who had chuckled at the Harlen Divine Kingdom's crown prince. "Are you angry now, Bram?"

The Harlen Divine Kingdom was controlled by the Zhou Clan and the crown prince's full name was Bram Zhou.

Bram Zhou snorted but couldn't be bothered by the Holy Maiden. He simply turned his attention back to the sky where the battle was still on.

Lord Randy was already feeling at ease. Gregory represented the Harlen Divine Kingdom, but he wasn't his man. The warrior had been invited by Bram Zhou and could be regarded as his representat


Bram Zhou forgot the rule because of his hanger.

"Don't be impatient, Bram or others will laugh at you," Turner told his son calmly.

War Emperor York chuckled in agreement, "Turner's right. There are some things that just can't be rushed!"

Turner shot a cold glance at War Emperor York. The four great divine kingdoms depended on and restrained each other, but it could not be denied that the York Divine Kingdom had become quite domineering over the last few years which made its emperor aloof and a show-off.

The wins and losses of a few Virtual Tribulation Realm warriors didn't really mean anything for these leaders of the divine kingdoms, but it was still a way for them to passive-aggressively compete with each other.

Scott, Star Field Divine Kingdom's ruler, turned to his son, "Horace, do you have any candidates you'd like to recommend?"

Their top warrior had already been defeated by Logan, and Scott was now out of options, so he desperately prayed that his son would be able to help.

Horace was the Star Field Divine Kingdom's crown prince and naturally had someone he could send out. "Willard! You fight on my behalf!"

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